Springpad: Sonoma County Escape

Sonoma Valley

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Springpad: Sonoma County Escape

Since I began writing this blog, I have often been asked to list my favorite places and offer recommendations about things to do on a stay in Sonoma County. And in each instance, I have done my best on the spot to reel off choice spots and experiences that have left an indelible mark on me. But given the frailty of memory, I have often thought after the fact about some thing or some place that I wish I had, but instead failed, to mention.

'Sonoma County represents a celebration of everything I treasure in my favorite destinations. From its well-known access to adventure and culture to its celebrated food and wine scene to its native spectacular views and unique sense of community, there's just something about Sonoma!'

Those were the words I used to describe my feelings about Sonoma County in my very first post in this space nearly two years ago. Multiple visits and more memorable excursions than I can count later, those feelings are stronger than ever.

So, when my friends at Springpad, the online application designed to help users organize their lives, asked me to create a guide that would make planning a trip to Sonoma County easy, I leapt at the chance (if only so that the next time anyone asked me for recommendations, I could direct them to my guide with complete confidence that my best vetted tips and suggestions would be contained therein).

The result of my efforts is now available as a free downloadable notebook at Springpad appropriately titled 'Sonoma Escape Plan'.

In this notebook, and dare I say pretty awesome trip planner, you'll find not only my tips and collected expertise about exploring the very best of Sonoma County but also an interactive tool with which you can organize your own notes, places of interests, favorite wines, maps and even itineraries.

Begin in 'Duane's Corner' for my insider tips, pick the ones that strike your fancy and then shift them over to your own ideas section for later review. Then complement my ideas with things of interest to you in Sonoma County and add those to the ideas section as well.

After that, once you're ready to confirm your plans, simply click the heart icon to 'like' the ideas, reservations, maps and activities that you definitely want to include on your visit and your trip will organize itself in the 'plan' section of the notebook. It really couldn't be easier.

Finally, because no visit to Sonoma County would be complete without a little (or a lot of) wine-tasting, organize your favorite winemakers and vintages in the wine section of the notebook so they'll always be at your fingertips on your phone, tablet, or laptop whenever you need to remember them and never again be the victim of the frailty of memory.

Get the 'Sonoma Escape Plan' notebook and start organizing your dream getaway to Sonoma. And, in the meantime, stay tuned to my blog for more Sonoma County highlights.

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Duane Wells