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Start Your New Year With Wellness

Relax at Farmhouse Inn in Forestville

Want to start your new year off right? A relaxing massage or spa treatment can transform your state of mind in hours and leave your body relaxed so you’ll be ready to begin your year feeling refreshed and energized.

Massage has been proven in medical studies to improve mood, promote restfulness and alleviate pain. Sonoma County not only has an abundance of skilled practitioners to choose from, it also offers specialized treatments and modalities unique to the region.  

Whether you prefer the luxury of a resort spa, a day spa retreat, or a specialized treatment with a trained practitioner, it won’t be hard to find a wellness experience that is a fit for you.


Want to get warm in a luxurious “Spa Barn”?

Farmhouse Inn - Ginger Honey Warming Massage

The decadent Ginger Honey Warming treatment at the Farmhouse Inn in Forestville incorporates warm local honey and a luscious massage for an energizing, yet relaxing experience. You’ll receive an abundance of hot towel applications, enjoy the sensual feel of warm honey and stimulating ginger and breathe in the fragrant honey based cream used for your massage.  An added perk is the beyond comfortable, special massage table that makes napping during your session almost guaranteed! The Farmhouse Inn offers a deluxe resort experience (though the spa is also open for day guests), with a unique “barn” themed spa aesthetic. $160/$260 for 60/90 minutes

Want to improve both your inner and outer beauty?

Spa Dolce - Lymphatic Massage

A Lymphatic Massage helps to detoxify the body and support the immune system, enhancing health and beauty as it moves fluid through the lymph system. Besides facials, waxing and traditional massage, Spa Dolce in Healdsburg is one of the few spas in the area that offer Lymphatic Massage. Before your session you will receive a consultation to customize your treatment to your particular concerns. Choose from a full body lymphatic massage or a face only massage (this is a great add on to a facial) Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Full body 80 min. $165 Facial Massage 50 min. $85

Want an Extra Long Massage Experience?

Bodega Bay Massage - Gay Jacobsen

Your drive to Bodega Bay Massage will begin your wellness experience as you take in the beauty of the ocean and relax with the power of nature. Bodega Bay Massage owner Gay Jacobsen began her training in 1981 and offers a variety of massage experiences, including Swedish, Reflexology and her specialty for the computer age: Postural Alignment Method.

Gay uses natural coconut oil in her massages, herbal neck pillows and warm flannel sheets. Enjoy a highly experienced practitioner in a beautiful setting for an experience that will start your year off with a body that is aligned and tension free. Gay specializes in extra long massages, with clients appreciating her two and even three hours sessions. $70 first hour $60 each additional hour.

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