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Sumbody Skin Care in Sebastopol

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Sonoma County’s Sumbody was local before local was cool. As a trail blazer in all things green, organic and natural, this Sebastopol-based skin care company sources many of their ingredients from Sonoma County based producers, including the famous goat milk that gives these products a special zing.

Founder Deborah Burnes started Sumbody in 2000. A former model who had gone to cosmetology school, she developed an interest in natural beauty products after traditional products left her skin dry and itchy.

Researching natural ingredients, she remembered the story of Cleopatra who, legend has it, bathed in milk and roses to keep her skin soft and supple. Running with the idea of milk, she realized goat milk could have even greater benefits for the skin, “Goat milk is easier for the skin to metabolize than cow’s milk and has even more vitamins and nutrients” said Burnes.

Each of Sumbody’s three shops (in Sebastopol, Napa, and Albany), offer not only a full spa menu, but also sell Sumbody’s wonderful selection of head-to-toe beauty care products.

From their mineral makeup to their toxin-free nail polish and abundant collection of skin care solutions, Sumbody has a little something for everyone.

With a recently launched free class series in Sebastopol, Sumbody is taking even more steps to offer resources to the local community. Burnes said that after spending so much time traveling around the country teaching workshops about chemical free skincare, “it was important to offer this information at home.”

Classes are offered Sumbody in Sebastopol on the first Thursday of every month. Upcoming summer classes include “Summer Skin Care” and “Chemical Free Kids.” Each class will also include a special free gift and promotional offers.

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