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Trione-Annadel State Park

In late July, the California State Park and Recreation Commission voted unanimously to rename Annadel State Park to Trione-Annadel State Park.

The name change honors the late Henry Trione, a Sonoma County financier, philanthropist and lover of the outdoors who was a primary figure in the 1971 establishment of Annadel State Park. In 2012, when many state parks were threatened with closure, he contributed $100,000 to help keep the park open under county administration. Trione died in February, 2015.

On the bucolic eastern edge of Santa Rosa, Trione-Annadel’s 5,092-acres are largely undeveloped. The Park’s hilly terrain supports seasonal streams, meadows, redwoods, grasslands, a 26-acre lake, dense chaparral, volcanic rock formations and what many biologists consider to be a prime example of undisturbed northern oak woodlands.

And with more than 40 miles of multi-use trails geared to hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders, trekkers can get away from the world to explore a wonderland of diverse terrain containing numerous plant communities and animal species.

Mammals who shelter here include black-tailed deer, western gray squirrel, skunk, opossum, coyote and raccoon, bobcat and mountain lion. Among the many bird species are the western scrub jay, Steller’s jay, wild turkey, wood duck, acorn and pileated woodpeckers, pygmy owls, black phoebe and dark-eyed junco. Man-made Lake Ilsanjo holds bluegill, black bass and largemouth bass.

Wildflowers bloom as early as January and run into September, but the really magnificent displays tend to occur in spring—particularly April and May—with lupines, blue-eyed grass, popcorn flower, poppies, buttercups, bluedicks, shooting stars, iris, zigadene hound’s tongue, linanthus and more.

Most of Annadel’s trails connect, allowing trekkers to design a hike to match their interests, available time and athletic abilities. Channel Trail, which only rises from 344 to 390 feet, is relatively flat – perfect for a biking/hiking newbie or a low energy day. Lawndale, rising to 1,236 feet from a mere 482, provides a challenge.

Other ways to enjoy Annadel:

  • Bring a picnic. Tables are scattered about the Park, offering a range of lovely views (some tables are arranged around the lake). 
  • Go fishing at Lake Ilsanjo. Anglers above the age of 16 must carry a California fishing license.
  • Check out Wymore Quarry. In the late 19th century and into the early 1920s, cobblestones were quarried here for use in San Francisco’s construction before, and reconstruction after, the 1906 earthquake. Follow the Cobblestone Trail to Wymore Quarry, where at one time cobblestones were taken away on a gravity-powered, narrow-gauge railway.
  • Utilize Accessible Features. The picnic area off the main parking lot at the end of Channel Drive contains two accessible tables. That lot also contains an accessible portable restroom and one designated accessible parking spot. Learn more.

Annadel State Park, 6201 Channel Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409; 707-539-3911. More info.

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