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Unwind at The Village Inn

Welcome to the Village Inn & Restaurant… every nook, corner and garden seat invite you to slow down and enjoy your day along the Russian River in Sonoma County. So instead of grabbing your daily itinerary and a coffee to go, you may feel called to simply sit outside in the gazebo, with a steaming mug of your favorite brew and a fresh-out-of-the-oven scone, to watch the river’s mist dissipate in the morning sun.

If an afternoon fog rolls in, you might consider grabbing a cozy seat by the fireplace with a chilled glass of wine. And your dinner plans? To catch the true flavor of this region, you’ll want book a table at their restaurant for a taste of farm fresh, creative Sonoma County cuisine –  complimented, of course, with your choice of Sonoma wine or locally crafted beer.

And when it’s time to turn in, you’ll be happy to discover that your guest room reflects a warm and inviting balance of modern convenience, gracious comfort and vintage charm. Those echoes of a romantic past are authentic, by the way: this inn has been hosting city visitors since 1906, and was featured in the 1942 movie Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby.

That film debuted the song White Christmas, and snow did indeed fall on the current Village Inn. Story has it that Bing himself demanded some scene reshoots shortly after filming, and suggested they film them here. So actors, film crews and, yes, fluffy white stuff arrived, and shortly thereafter they did make it snow on the picturesque little inn that was supposed to be located in a wintery Connecticut countryside.

Today you’ll find a more gentle, temperate climate with soft, cooling breezes coming off the river and from under the 150 year old redwoods, which are some of the oldest in the county.

The buildings have been carefully constructed and maintained around twenty two of these beautiful giants, with walkways, balconies and decks floating between massive tree trunks and hidden islands of cottage garden plantings. The result feels like a retreat to a secret forest hideaway; or a fantastic and super sophisticated child’s treehouse – complete with all the grown-up amenities you could wish for.

The Village Inn is pet friendly, and offers eleven uniquely decorated guest rooms, complete with a complimentary continental breakfast. 20822 River Blvd, Monte Rio. 

Get to know this beautiful region with the Guide to the Russian River Resort Area.

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