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Weddings & Rehearsal Dinners at Tudor Rose

The Tudor Rose English Tea Room in Santa Rosa

A lot of thought goes into planning the perfect Sonoma County wedding, reception, and honeymoon. But how about the rehearsal dinner? The dinner sets the stage for the entire wedding, and so should be treated as an important theme. If that theme is romance, and a wonderful bit of fun, few places are as engaging as The Tudor Rose English Tea Room in downtown Santa Rosa.

It’s easy to overlook this event, juggling all the other details of the big occasion. Yet a rehearsal dinner is more than just a practice run. Instead, this evening may be the first time the entire wedding party — and perhaps even extended wedding family members — gather together for the first time.

It’s true this is an authentic tea room, set with classic polished wood tables and chairs set with floral cushions, white linen napkins in pretty rings, cozy armchairs, softly glowing lamps, and servers dressed in old English style.

But the place appeals to everyone, from princess-minded ladies to sophisticated men. That’s because owner Angela Grant is all about the party, as she is the first to say in her lilting Liverpool accent. The restaurant sets the stage, or graceful salon in the back is perfect for private gatherings.

Keeping things easy for the busy bride and groom, Grant offer two seated dinner options, either of which can be customized for dietary restrictions. There are also lovely afternoon teas, wonderful for relaxing with playful pinkies in the air. Ladies, gents, and children alike can enjoy the whimsy of dressing up in English aristocracy costume, or just borrow the colorful hats Grant keeps on hand.

Menus change per season, but a wedding couple may find the following delicacies: Soup, salad, and a glass of Champagne, plus entrees of either roasted game hen with seasonal veggies and roasted potatoes, or vegetable pot pie in creamy broth with puff pastry lid. Dessert is cheesecake with chocolate sauce and fresh berries or chocolate mousse with vanilla ganache and fresh berries.

For teas, choices offer such delights as the Anne Boleyn of scone with jam and cream, ham or spinach quiche, assorted pasties, cream puff, glass of Champagne and an endless pot of tea.

The teas alone make the event memorable, in a diverse lineup such as Irish Breakfast, Tudor Rose, Caramel, Red Raspberry Vanilla, Coconut Cream, Apricot Patti, Blueberry Pomegranate, Almond Cookies and Organic Sencha.

And here’s a thought — purchase more teas, to give away as wedding reception favors. What a heartwarming story to share.

Details: Tudor Rose Tea Room, 733 4th Street, Santa Rosa. 

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