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Wine Country Wedding Designs from Dragonfly Floral

Discover artisanal wedding floral arrangements at Dragonfly Floral in Healdsburg.

Roses and baby’s breath may be traditional wedding flowers, but in Sonoma County, creative florists are taking a whole new look at bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres. Naturally foraged plants are increasingly popular, with statement arrangements crafted of wildflowers, shrub leaves, and even tree branches.

 Dragonfly Floral wedding designs in Healdsburg, California

Just ask the folks at Dragonfly Floral in Healdsburg — Bonnie Z, owner and master designer, and Pamela Bell, lead designer and flower school instructor. Bell calls the work they do “natural and uncontrived,” sourcing many of their wedding arrangement ingredients from the six-acre property that’s planted with sustainably and organically grown flora. So centerpieces might be crafted with river acacia, eucalyptus branches, and variegated myrtle. River acacia, as one example, grows wild all around Sonoma County, and is a lovely silver-green shrub with slender, hanging branches capped with tiny yellow balls.

 Dragonfly Floral wedding designs in Healdsburg, California

Not that wedding arrangements are turning to weeds. Dragonfly Floral carefully balances classic flowers, too, lacing in roses, tulips, and beautifully colored ranunculus flowers that look like they’re crafted of tissue with their delicate, crepe paper-thin petals. They have curated 1,500 types of roses alone, both antique and modern in colors ranging from vibrant hues to soft pastels.

 Dragonfly Floral wedding designs in Healdsburg, California

While Dragonfly will create all the floral designs a wedding party could want, they also invite couples to participate. Classes are held in a cozy barn on the property, in the company of resident ducks, butterflies, dragonflies, and various other critters that call the oasis home. Guests can sip wine and snack on pastries while learning style tricks such as fluffing flowers to 1.5 times the width and height of their vase – this gives arrangements the perfect balance, Bell says.

 Dragonfly Floral wedding designs in Healdsburg, California

Above all, the lesson learned is that a Wine Country wedding can showcase the region’s natural beauty, in the abundant flowers and flora that thrive here year-round.

Details: Dragonfly Floral, 425 Westside Road, Healdsburg, 707-433-3739

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