Wine Paring Made Perfect at Mayo

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Wine Paring Made Perfect at Mayo

The heady experience of sampling a great wine is only made more delightsome when it is complemented by the perfect bite. That's standard-issue Wine Tasting 101 in Sonoma County. 

And yet the flawless marriage of a memorable sip and an even more remarkable nosh for which it seems ideally destined, can prove a difficult union to facilitate. That being the case, there is very good reason for the eternal hoopla that is made about the bewitching communion of food and wine, if only because it's a coupling that can prove so difficult to abet.

Thankfully, such is not the case at Mayo Family Reserve Room, where the epicurean talents of Chef J. Clayton Lewis have formed a dazzling alliance with wines crafted by winemaker Michel Berthoud.

In a relatively unadorned tasting room located along Sonoma Highway in Kenwood, Lewis presents a seven-course pairing menu that has simultaneously been characterized as everything from the catalyst for Sonoma Valley having 'opened its doors to the next level of wine appreciation in the tasting room' by Artisan Wine Tours, to an 'awesome experience' and 'the single best deal in Wine Country' by the Wall Street Journal.

For a mere $35, Chef Lewis and his staff enchant patrons with an exciting menu of globally inspired food pairings including items like okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake, braised pork and Israeli cous cous and a whimsical plate of Tongue and cheek, all of which highlight the properties of the wines that have made Mayo one of the most popular names in the Sonoma Valley.

Lewis is like a lecturer. With each plate that exits his kitchen, comes the story that led to the romance between the item being served and Mayo Family Winery vintage that accompanies it. 

It is, in truth an education in and of itself.  In fact, even if the pairing weren't so … well, perfect ... the information that Lewis imparts about the characteristics of each dish and the properties of each wine would be well worth the cost of the tasting, which for the record is so filling that it can definitely suffice as a meal.

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Duane Wells