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Zazu Hosts A Spirited Dinner with Spirit Works

Take one excellent Sonoma County farm-to-table restaurant. Add in an excellent Sonoma County craft distillery. Sprinkle with love, and you’ve got the recipe for an excellent Sonoma County supper.

Such is the concept being cooked up by Next Iron chef contender Duskie Estes at her Zazu Kitchen + Farm on September 4, 2014 as she joins with Spirit Works for “A Spirited Dinner.”

Besides being tasty, the meal celebrates neighbors, since Spirit Works is just steps away from Zazu, in The Barlow of Sebastopol. The distillery makes handcrafted gin, sloe gin and whiskey.

To get the party started, guests will take a 6 p.m. tour of the distillery, with its giant copper and steel stills standing sentry next to the bar. Helping explain the mash and fermentation process will be KRSH Radio’s Ziggy the Wine Gal.

Then, it’s on to dinner, with an $89 menu featuring spirit pairings for each course, but also spirits in the food. Here’s the menu:

  • A flight of Spirit Works spirits
  • Vodka drunk tomato salad with burrata and backyard marjoram served with a Farmer Collins cocktail
  • Juniper Liberty duck with hibiscus black rice, delicata, rapini and coriander duqqa (n Egyptian side dish of herbs, nuts and spices) served with "The Libertine" cocktail
  • Beignets with Sebastopol blueberries and sloe sabayon served with a "Sloe 75" cocktail

Details: Zazu Kitchen + Farm, 6770 McKinley Street, Sebastopol, 707-523-4814

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