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Wedding Preparation Can Be as Simple as Mouse Clicks

Pity the unprepared wedding couple. What should be a glorious day exchanging vows can sometimes be marred by stress, given all the planning, managing the guests, and then, the extra demands of coordinating a honeymoon.

Yet what if you could visit just one website, and with a few clicks of the mouse, have it all come together? And without the even more challenging requirement of finding that perfect wedding planner?

Sonoma County Wedding Venue Tips from Event Planner Samar Hattar

When searching for that perfect Sonoma County wedding venue, the options can seem endless. With so many beautiful properties across Wine Country, the wedding couple has a lot of locations to consider. Often, it makes sense to consult a wedding planner, to help navigate the style you want, how large a space you need, and what will deliver the most “wow” for your budget.

Cheers to New Year’s Events This 2018

New Year’s Eve in Sonoma County is a festive time, and since the holiday falls on a Monday this year, we can celebrate an extra-glorious, five-day Wine Country weekend. Because you know you want to extend the party from Friday all the way through Tuesday.

That means now is a good time to start figuring out what to do the night of Dec. 31, 2018. If you have a favorite restaurant or hotel, chances are good that they are holding a celebration. But for something new or completely different, read along for these fun suggestions. Auld Lang Syne, all around!

New Butcher Crown Roadhouse

Roadhouses enjoy a longstanding tradition in Sonoma County, offering rest and relaxation for weary travelers through the 1800s and 1900s. Today, roadhouses cater to modern guests looking for a friendly place for a cold beer, stiff cocktail, and some satisfying food. The often rural settings and quirky vibes add even more fun to the mix.

Butcher Crown, Petaluma, California

Support Agriculture with the Heritage Turkey Sunday Supper, Nov. 4, 2018

There are Thanksgiving turkeys, and then there are the heritage turkeys of Sonoma County, raised and savored for their rich, succulent meat and premium, sustainable quality. Compared to “factory farm” raised birds, heritage turkeys are Wine Country royalty — pampered with organic feed, pasture freedom, and personal care from their handlers.

Heritage Turkey Sunday Supper, Glen Ellen, California

Unique Fall and Winter Activities in Sonoma County

For adventure and one-of-a-kind activities this fall and winter season, Sonoma County is a wonderland. We’ve got world-class wine and food experiences, of course, but also arts, nature, holiday festivals, and boutique shopping parties. Sonoma County not only inspires you to uncover new experiences — it will inspire you to uncover something new within yourself. A fresh sense of adventure.

Whenever you visit, we’re ready with “only in Sonoma” outings.

Gerard's Paella y Tapas

Gerard Nebesky is a well-known chef in the Sonoma County food world, long adored for his superb paella that he cooks over open flames in huge pans at Wine Country farmers’ markets, festivals and wineries. But he hasn’t had a restaurant to call his own since he sold his first Bohemian Café in Occidental in 2001, where he made an eclectic mix of pizzas, sushi and Thai food.

Gerard’s Paella y Tapas, Santa Rosa, California