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Sonoma County Carlisle Rossi Ranch Grenache rocks the Garrigue

With the balmy climate, the world-class wines, and the farm-to-fork food culture, Sonoma County can understandably be mistaken for the Mediterranean. In fact, when it comes to wine, Sonoma County stands up to southern French culture quite nicely.

The hot new wine term to know, “garrigue,” didn’t just pop out of the scrubland and brush of southern France yesterday, but fair to say, it’s a relatively new addition to many a wine lover’s lexicon.

The perfect pairing for Rodney Strong’s last Summer 2018 Concert

It may be after Labor Day, but there’s one more chance this summer to pack up the lawn chairs and sunscreen and post up on the lawn at Rodney Strong’s 2018 Summer Concert Series.

For the first time, this summer I attended two in this series, and I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and easy it was — it’s like a big backyard garden party at a friend’s house, but your friend is Rodney Strong Vineyards.

Tasting by Bike in Wine Country

Slowing down and savoring experiences is a key value in visiting Wine Country, and there’s no better way to explore and experience the vineyards and lands of Sonoma County than on a bicycle.

There’s more to those photos of cheerful cyclists on a quiet country lane, handlebar baskets stuffed with bottles of wine and loafs of bread, than just a photo shoot idyll: the opportunities to combine wine tasting with a bicycle ride are darn near idyllic in many corners of Sonoma County.

Rued Wines in Dry Creek Valley AVA, Sonoma County

When I ask Dee Rued where the crisp, lightly fruity 2017 Sauvignon Blanc that she’s just poured me comes from, she can point to a block of vines just over yonder, beside the crush pad.

That’s not unusual in Dry Creek Valley, an enclave of almost exclusively family-owned wineries that, like Rued, have launched their own brands to show off the best of the vineyards they’ve farmed for generations, and are more likely than not the folks behind the bar, too.