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Rooms with a View in Sonoma County

There may be no better destination for enjoying the quintessential “room with a view” than the accommodations you’ll find in Sonoma County. To begin with, you can choose an expansive vista of the ocean in all its many moods, sit back and enjoy watching the sun rise over rolling hills of vineyards, or simply step outside to your first cup of coffee in the intimate courtyard gardens of an Italianate villa. It’s all waiting for you!

The Fun Sonoma County Town of Cotati

Cotati is home to a particular breed of entrepreneur: those fiercely independent souls who nevertheless understand the value of being a part of a supportive community. Shop owners often voluntarily take time to help others who are just starting out with their own ventures. Restaurants and pubs also serve as supportive centers for local music and art. This kind of camaraderie and cooperative spirit is the stuff of “Small Town America” at its best.

A Retreat For Your 5 Senses: The Gables Wine Country Inn

A truly luxurious retreat should engage and pamper all your 5 senses, and The Gables Wine Country Inn does exactly that in Santa Rosa, in central Sonoma County.

At The Gables, every detail is organized to create an atmosphere of gracious hospitality, with permission to drift into an almost timeless sense of quiet indulgence. It’s all part of the Gables experience, from the carefully curated appointments in each room to a world-class breakfast the next morning.

3 Great Independent Bookstores in Sonoma County

Given the scope of Sonoma County’s resident book clubs — including a Food & Agricultural Book Club, Book & Brew Book Club, Hiker’s Book Club, and a Movie Book Club to name a few — it’s not surprising that you’ll find a number of independent bookstores to support their habits. Here are just three of the many grat independent bookstores that cater to a uniquely Sonoma County state of mind: