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7 Best Places for Festival Clothing in Sonoma County

It’s already springtime, and festival season is right around the corner in Sonoma County, California. Whether you’re planning to attend one of Sonoma County’s best and biggest festivals or another festival close by, you have plenty of shopping options for every “vibe” you’re looking to rock at your next event. From unique, funky vintage stores to elegant, boho-inspired boutiques, here are 10 of the best places for festival clothing in Sonoma County:

8 Hidden Gems Along the Sonoma Coast

Being over 50 miles long, the Sonoma coastline offers a multitude of wonderful adventures — so it can be worthwhile to know where the hidden gems are before you start exploring.

If you're anything like me, you'll stop alongside the winding roads any time there is a photo opportunity. But if you're a traveler who's interesting in exploring the true, secret, hidden gems that only the locals know about on the Sonoma Coast, here are eight great places to start exploring:


8 Gorgeous Redwood Vacation Homes in Sonoma County

Whether you’ve them on Facebook, on Instagram, or even in person, there’s no doubt the Sonoma County offers some of the best and hidden redwood views in California.

One thing you might not know is that there is an endless amount of Airbnbs, Vacation Rentals, VRBOs, and Homeaways in Sonoma County that let you sleep in comfort, nestled under these towering redwoods. Here are ten gorgeous redwood vacation rentals in Sonoma County, in order of how many people they can sleep:

7 Sonoma County Hikes Worth the 360 Degree View

In the great Sonoma County outdoors there are leisurely hikes, and then there are hikes that are worth the 360-degree view. Some are harder than others, but most reveal vista views that are only imaginable for those willing to hike to the top. Check out these seven great Sonoma County hikes that are worth every step, with some being a leisurely stroll, and others worth the incline. Don't forget to click around in each photo below to see the full 360-degree view!


Best Summer Music Events in Sonoma County If You're 20-Something

There's a ton of great summer events going on in Sonoma County, from wine, music, food or all three together. With all the choices, it's sometimes hard to pinpoint the best ones for the 20-something crowd, especially when you haven't been to them. So here are the best summer music events in Sonoma County if you're 20-something, from a 20-something-year-old: 

Dog Friendly Hikes in Sonoma County Your Pup Will Love

I don’t know about you, but whether or not a hike is dog-friendly is a deciding factor for me when choosing what park to visit on the weekends. I always want to bring my sidekick along to enjoy the gorgeous woods, rivers, coast, and forests that Sonoma County has to offer, but it’s sometimes hard to find which parks truly  welcome dogs.

Here are a few dog-friendly hikes in Sonoma County your pup will love: