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January 2019 Outdoor Events Roundup

Even in the deep of winter, Sonoma County offers wonderful opportunities for outdoor athletes and adventurers. With eleven California State Parks and nearly 60 Sonoma County Regional Parks, a limitless number of trails await the hiker, cyclist, runner, equestrian, bird watcher, and every other person who pursues fitness or hobbies in the Great Outdoors.

Hiking the Jenner Headlands Preserve

Sonoma County’s 55-mile coastline abounds with stunning views, each seemingly more marvelous than the last—and some of the finest views of all can be enjoyed by hikers who make their way high into hills edging the Pacific. From a couple of thousand feet up you’ll be glancing down at hawks gliding gracefully through the air and taking take in huge swaths of coast, sea and sky.

One of the finest places for trails like these is at 5,630-acre Jenner Headlands Preserve.

December 2018 Outdoor Events Roundup

December in Sonoma County is delightful, delicious, and destined to be memorable. Every trip outdoors is a celebration of nature’s bounty. Winter’s chill invigorates every activity, from drives along backcountry roads to steep uphill hiking. You’ll enjoy enhanced clarity in panoramic vistas, and the county’s immense natural beauty becomes a fitting backdrop for festive holiday lights. Here are just a few ways to enjoy the outdoors this month:

November 2018 Outdoor Adventure Roundup

November in Sonoma County is a fabulous time to be outdoors, when the leaf-peeping is spectacular, the air is crisp and sharp, flocks of migrating birds travel across the sky, and harvest festivals abound.

Here are a few starting points for you to be dazzled by Sonoma County this month. But don’t be limited by this list—get out there and explore (and let us know what you discover)!

October 2018 Outdoor Events Roundup

With the start of October, autumn begins moving to center stage—a time of year in Sonoma County that you just don’t want to miss. Days grow cooler, pumpkins appear in farm stands and fields, migrating birds fly through the air or in great flocks, and vineyards blaze with color. Here are a few ideas to get you out and about this month.

Bees N Blooms in Santa Rosa is a Lavender Lover's Delight

Lying below Taylor Mountain on the site of a former cattle ranch, Bees N Blooms offers stunning vistas of Sonoma County’s Santa Rosa Plain.

This 11-acre certified organic farm, which has put aside a portion of its land as a wildlife habitat, grows lavender, flowers, and drought-tolerant trees; supports 13 beehives; and produces products that include honey, lavender, cut flowers, vegetables, and plant starts.

Outdoor Recreation Month Activities and Specials: May 2018

What better time to enjoy Sonoma County's countless adventures than the recently designated Outdoor Recreation Month? This May, explore a new park, gain a new skill in nature, or attend an outdoor cultural event and experience Sonoma County as you never have before. Be sure to check out the deals and specials at the end of the article for some extra fun this May!

Behind-the-Scenes Tours of the Russian River Water Supply

Late last fall I signed up for one of the tours given each year by the Sonoma County Water Agency, for a behind-the-scenes look at the Russian River water supply system.

I figured the event would be informative, and it was — but it was also fun, brought me to a few beautiful locations on the Russian River, and gave me a glimpse of how complex, clean and technologically forward our county’s water system is.