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Outdoor Recreation Month Activities and Specials: May 2018

What better time to enjoy Sonoma County's countless adventures than the recently designated Outdoor Recreation Month? This May, explore a new park, gain a new skill in nature, or attend an outdoor cultural event and experience Sonoma County as you never have before. Be sure to check out the deals and specials at the end of the article for some extra fun this May!

April 2018 Outdoor Events Roundup

Sonoma County is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise at any time of the year, but early spring — with just-right temperatures, sunny days, gentle breezes, emerald green hillsides and an all-over-the-county explosion of bright-colored wildflowers — possesses a particular magic of its own.

The extensive geographical diversity here includes the Pacific Ocean, rivers, lakes, beaches, coastal cliffs, mountains, valleys, and forests (even pygmy forests).

Here are just a few ways for you to enjoy Sonoma County’s beautiful outdoors during this delightful spring month:

Outdoor Activities in Sonoma County this March

The month of March means it’s still winter in Sonoma County, but spring is on the way, and there are hundreds of trails in state, regional, and community parks that are open to bikers, hikers, equestrians, wheelchairs, dogs on a leash, and parents pushing baby carriages.

Some days are bracing and chilly, while others bring sunshine’s warmth. Leaves are starting to bud, and some of the region’s early blooms — bright yellow field mustard, golden acacia puffballs —catch the eye. Here are just a few ways for you to enjoy Sonoma County’s beautiful outdoors this month:

Winter Hikes on the Northern Sonoma Coast

One of the things I love doing in winter is hiking in the far northern reaches of Sonoma County’s coast. Just getting there is a memorable experience, what with cruising along cliffs poised high above the Pacific Ocean, encountering views so huge they can never be captured with a camera — let alone your memory.

Once I’m there, I hike for hours each day, always within sight of the sea (and often right beside it). A chilly breeze, the sound of gulls and crashing waves, the salty tang of sea air, an occasional glimpse of a passing marine mammal … It’s a rejuvenating experience.

Winter Redwood Hikes in Sonoma County

Hanging out with the world’s tallest living things — redwood trees — is a great thing to do at any time of the year but in early winter a redwood forest’s majestic hush and soaring canopy can transform even a short walk into an unforgettable Sonoma County experience.

Take a hike at one of these Sonoma County redwood groves, and you’ll see what I mean: