Board of Directors Application

Purpose and Structure of the Board

The Sonoma County Tourism Board of Directors oversees the governance of the Sonoma County Tourism by establishing policies and priorities for carrying out the organization’s mission of promoting Sonoma County as an overnight destination for leisure travel, groups, conferences and events.  The Board consists of 22 directors-at-large, 6 appointed by the Board of Supervisors; 16 nominated by the Governance Committee and approved by the Sonoma County Tourism Board. An Executive Committee, composed of the Sonoma County Tourism Board officers and immediate past chair, has the power to act on behalf of the organization.  

For more information, visit About Sonoma County Tourism.


To be selected for nomination and to remain on the Board, one must be the principal, or the designated representative, of a lodging business, or appointed by a Board of Supervisor to represent your district as an operator of a tourism-related business, or an employee or director of a non-profit organization that promotes tourism in Sonoma County. 

The Sonoma County Tourism Governance Committee makes a special effort to select a slate of nominees that will allow Sonoma County Tourism to continue its policy of having a Board of Directors that reflects diversity, not only in terms of the type, location and size of lodging businesses, but also in terms of gender and ethnicity.

Term of Office

Terms for board members, directors, and officers are one year.  County appointments are two consecutive years.

Attendance at Board meetings

Directors are expected to attend Board meetings. Meetings are approx. 2 hours and are generally held at the Sonoma County Tourism office, except for the retreat meeting, which is held in Sonoma County.  Directors who fail to attend 50 percent of the Board meetings in a year may be removed by vote of the Board.

Leadership Duties

Directors are expected to serve on one of the Sonoma County Tourism committees. The frequency of committee meetings varies according to need.  Directors are urged to show leadership by attending events such as the Annual Meeting, Sonoma County Lodging Association events, and community events.

Board members are also asked to take an active role in board member development and retention by assisting the Governance Committee in identifying prospective board members.

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