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Committee Member Application

Purpose and Structure of SCT Board of Directors and Committees

The Sonoma County Tourism Board of Directors oversees the governance of Sonoma County Tourism by establishing policies and priorities for carrying out the organization’s mission of promoting Sonoma County as an overnight destination for leisure travel, groups, conferences and events.  The Board consists of 22 directors-at-large, 8 appointed by the Board of Supervisors; 14 nominated by the Governance Committee and approved by the Sonoma County Tourism Board. The Executive Committee, is composed of Sonoma County Tourism Board officers and the immediate past chair.  The Governance Committee is composed of Sonoma County Tourism Board Directors and officers. 

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Applications may be submitted for volunteer positions on the three committees listed below:

Finance & Legal Standing Committee: This committee is commissioned by the Board of Directors to supervise the financial affairs and to formulate financial related operating policies for recommendation to the Board.  The Finance and Legal Committee shall be composed of a minimum of five (5) board members appointed by the Board and non-Board members appointed by the committee chair not to exceed four (4) volunteers. The Board Treasurer shall serve as committee chair.  The Chief Financial Officer shall serve as the staff liaison.  The committee meets monthly.

Marketing Program Committee: members of this committee will provide the services of “advise and consent” for a comprehensive marketing plan and for SCTB staff. The committee integrates recommendations from and with all established program committees. The committee has a recommended size of nine (9) members, with the majority of the seats composed of Board members, appointed by the Board chair and ratified by the Board.  Non-board members are appointed by the Committee chair and shall not exceed the majority held by Board members on the committee. To plan for succession and to engage new members of the committee as well as to provide a break for current committee members, and at the discretion of the Committee chair, terms of committee members shall be for two years, after which members can rejoin after a period of one year.  The Chief Marketing Officer shall serve as staff liaison to the Committee. The committee meets quarterly.

Group Business Development Program Committee: members of this committee support and guide the process of group business development, working closely with the SCTB sales staff and the Board of Directors.  The Group Business Development Program Committee is composed of at least three (3) Board members appointed by the Board chair and ratified by the Board. The committee chair will be designated by the Board. Non-board members are appointed by the Committee chair and shall not exceed five (5) volunteers (comprised of travel industry leaders and partners of group business). The Vice President of Sales shall serve as staff liaison to the Committee. The committee meets quarterly.


Every effort shall be made to include qualified and interested Board members and volunteers from a variety of constituencies on the membership of the committees.  The Sonoma County Tourism Governance Committee makes a special effort to select a slate of nominees that will allow Sonoma County Tourism to continue its policy of having volunteers that reflects diversity, not only in terms of the type, location and size of businesses, but also in terms of gender and ethnicity.

Appointment and Term of Office

With advice from the Governance Committee, and subject to approval by the full Board, the Chairman of the Board shall appoint a Director as the chair of each committee. Subject to approval by the full Board, the Chair of each committee shall appoint the members of his or her committee. Committee Chairs and members shall serve for one year, and shall be reappointed at the annual organizational meeting. Committee Chairs shall serve for a maximum of 3 consecutive one-year terms. Except for the Executive Committee, all committees shall be advisory only to the Board unless otherwise specifically authorized to act by the Board.


Committee members are expected to attend meetings. Meetings are approx. 2 hours and are generally held at the Sonoma County Tourism office.  Members who fail to attend 50 percent of the meetings in a year may be removed by vote of the Board.

Meetings and Notice

The Chairman of the Board, the chair of the committee, or a majority of the committee’s voting members may call meetings of a committee. All meetings shall be noticed and held in accordance with the requirements of the Brown Act.

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