Goguette Bread

Family bakery.


59 Montgomery Drive
Santa Rosa CA, 95404


Email: [email protected]


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  • Family bakery. We only use freshly milled organic flours, gray sea salt rich in flavor and minerals, water with the perfect balance of temperature and purity (free of chlorine and unwanted minerals), and 20+ year levain. All mixed in a studied environment to allow these natural elements to work together in harmony. Bakery open Wednesday through Saturday 1:30 to 6 p.m. All our loaves are hand-shaped and placed on flax linen (couche) for long fermentation. This allows the ingredients to “organically” and slowly work together to produce breads rich in flavor and aroma. This long fermentation/panification process, allows the natural acids to work in harmony, creating especially unique breads that enhance the taste of the food/wine that they accompany.
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    • A taste of Paris in our own backyard

      The way a bread bakery should be. Not a bad loaf in the house. The Olive Bread and a little wine would be a stand-alone meal. Most convenient to order online ahead to make sure that have what you...

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    • Love the Breads!!

      My husband decided to make fresh pasta with a light sace and meatballs Saturday. With all that intense prep and cooking, I stopped in to pick up a baguette and an epi. As noted, I got there at 1:30...

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    • How is a place like this behind Panda Express on the list?

      The line is there for a reason. It's GREAT! How is it behind Panda Express??? Even if they only sold water it would should be in the top 10 on the list. No, they don't have anything besides baked...

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