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Gourmet Food and Wine Tours - Sonoma

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Sonoma, CA 95467
Great for Groups - Bubbles and creative plates at The girl & the fig
Sonoma Plaza - Sonoma City Hall
Explore the magical passages in the Sonoma Plaza area - Sip, Walk, Eat, Talk with Gourmet Food and Wine Tours!
Gourmet Food & Wine Tours
Sonoma Food & Wine Tour
A Wonderful Tour to Get to Know Sonoma is with Gourmet Food and Wine Tours! - The only food tour that provides local wine with each food sampled at each and every restaurant
Enjoy Gourmet Food
White & Red Wine - 1/2 Glass of wine offered at each 4 stops. 7+ food items to sample during our 3 hour tour
Gourmet Food & Wine Tours - Sonoma
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Paint the town red on Renee ReBell's flagship, farm-to-table, wine country tour.

Company listed as BEST FOODIE TOUR in the USA by US News and World Reports
Sample premiere chef's concoctions - from appetizers through dessert at seated stops on our tour
Enjoy a half glass of local wine at every stop. Discover why we pair certain wines with our farm-to-table plates.
Learn Sonoma's history through stories and landmarks that mark our journeys through the Square.
Flagship tour for company and the original on the Sonoma Square
Photographer available for private tours for additional fee
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