Duane Wells

Duane Wells is both an international luxury travel and lifestyle expert and frequent contributor to a clutch of distinguished publications around the world including Homefront, Passport, TimeOut, Advocate, Instinct, and Out. He also helms his own eponymous website (www.theduanewells.com) where he regularly shares his own insider tips and insights about the most exciting destinations in the world and the very finest attributes those destinations have to offer — from hotels and spas to restaurants, nightlife and local tourist attractions. Additionally, Duane pens a weekly blog entitled Living Wells: My Life in Luggage, which is currently carried by Frontiers Magazine and the Huffington Post. From the best martini in London to Stockholm’s trendiest design boutiques to the most exciting nightlife options in Tel Aviv, Duane has staked out the best of the best with a little help from celebrities like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson, and Jackie Collins along the way. A resident of Los Angeles, Duane is currently toiling over a number of projects including a travel reality series and his first novel, Heaven or Hell, Darling?