Green String Farm

At Green String Farm, we practice “natural process agriculture.


3571 Old Adobe Road
Petaluma CA, 94954


Local: 707-778-7500

Email: [email protected]

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  • At Green String Farm, we practice “natural process agriculture.” We keep the soil and plants healthy and free from pesticides and artificial chemicals. We produce beautiful food with very low input. A farm is a system. Attention to soil health is essential to producing healthful food. Use of cover crops, compost, compost tea, and crushed volcanic rock and oyster shell mineral supplements help ensure that the earth is able to grow vibrant fruits and vegetables. The goal is to create a self-nourishing system where less human intervention yields better quality crops. We grow by the motto “50% for humans, 50% for nature,” maintaining an important balance between crops grown for human consumption and crops grown for soil improvement. This approach also benefits the community by preserving green spaces and wildlife habitats, protecting the soils, conserving resources, and stimulating the local economy.​ Open Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm.
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    • Beautiful Farm

      This farm is owned by Kline Wines and has great produce. You can also do a farm tour and they are very friendly. Bring people from out of town here for choosing our dinner items.

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    • Great produce!

      Granted, this an easy 7 min from my house but I would recommend Green String. They are very seasonal. I love going there and seeing what is in season. I must have gotten 5 “lugs” of #2 tomatoes and...

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    • Farm to your table!

      A funky farm on the outskirts of Petaluma with seasonal vegetables and fruit, plus chickens and farm fresh eggs. A great place to bring kids to...but more importantly a great place for local organic...

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