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Darling Farms

7000 Petaluma Hill Road
Penngrove, CA 94951
Darling Farms
Hello, my name is Doc and it is my passion to grow my own spray-free assorted variety of, non-certified organic fruits and vegetables, for my local community. To me this is not just a job but something that I enjoy doing every day. It makes me happy to see a customer smile with one of my famous jokes. I love to take people out on my golf-cart into the field in order to let them pick their own fruits or vegetables (sometime we'll pick up some flowers for the ladies along the way).

We also sell local produce from Sonoma County, as well as produce from the San Francisco Produce Market. Along with that we have Nana Mae's Non-Filtered Certified Organic Apple/Pear Juice that is perfect for a cool drink on a hot summer day. Nana also make some delicious apple sauce for the kiddos.

Frequently you can hear the bees buzzing in the air when buying some of our Winnie the Pooh worthy local honey. You can even hear the chickens when the fresh eggs are brought in (sometimes from my very own son). Along with this we have some of the cheapest organic milk in the county priced at $4.99/gal. While you're at it why don’t you try some of our Redwood Trails All Natural Artisan Beef Jerky? Finally, we sell products from Kozlowski Farms ranging from the delicious Apple Honey Roasted Chipotle Grilling & Dipping Sauce to the sassily sweet Seedless Blackberry Jam.

One of my main business partners is a lovely woman called Laurie Hanna. She owns a company called Rusted Heart Designs and sells some creatively new pieces. In my opinion, what sets her arrangements apart is the way that she arranges them by using new original designs that are innovative in a uniquely fashionable way. The floral arrangements would be a wonderful addition to anyone's home, and are not only extremely-fairly priced, but require little maintenance. She has her own little workshop on the farm, so she is very often there working alongside me. Laurie is also always open to talking about/creating custom pieces for any of your possible needs.

Please come to my farm, I look forward to seeing you and to possibly giving you one of my famous golf-cart tours of my Darling Farm. Thank You!
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