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Redwood Hill Farm - Capracopia

5480 Thomas Road
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Gravenstein Apple Orchard, Redwood Hill Farm-Capracopia - Just one of the heirloom varieties dry-farmed organically at Redwood Hill Farm, Sebastopol.
Checking The Hive - Redwood Hill Farm employee checks one of the 10 honeybee hives before harvesting Capracopia Honey
Olive Orchard - Redwood Hill Farm grows a variety of Tuscan olives for pressing each year.
The Olive Harvest - Each year our olives are hand-picked and pressed for Capracopia Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Pollinating The Lavender - Our honebees have nearly 20 acres of fields, fruit trees and gardens to pollinate—including lavender.
Jennifer Bice, Founder of Redwood Hill Farm - Redwood Hill Farm founder and owner, Jennifer Lynn Bice and friends!
Nubian Baby Peeking - A curious Nubian goat kid at Redwood Hill Farm.
Nicole Bice and her chicken Olaf - Nicole Bice helps take care of the flock of chickens at Redwood Hill Farm.
Organic Raspberries - A large variety of fruit, vegetables, flowers and goat feed is grown organically at Redwood Hill Farm.
Goat Love - Redwood Hill Farm Manager, Scott Bice, getting a little love from one of the Saanen does.
Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Feta - Savory, creamy Aged Goat Milk Feta made with the milk from our farm.
Solar Energy Runs The Farm - Our sun-tracking solar arrray provides energy for the dairy barns and homes at Redwood Hill Farm.
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At Redwood Hill Farm ~ Capracopia, we celebrate farm life while producing quality, artisan food products. If you’ve ever been curious about milking a dairy goat, wanted to cuddle a baby goat, or wished to learn more about sustainable Sonoma County farming, this tour is for you!

Visit and see for yourself why Redwood Hill Farm is such a special place. You must reserve ahead, for dates & details visit: www.RedwoodHillFarm.org/tours/visit-the-farm/
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