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The Power of “RE” Industry Town Hall

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The Power of “RE” Industry Town Hall is now available to view. We hope you find the business-building programs and initiatives outlined in the presentation to be helpful as we look towards a prosperous future. Bringing travelers back to the destination to re-energize local small businesses and tourism-facing properties is of paramount importance to Sonoma County's economic recovery. We are committed to attracting the right type of traveler, and doing so with sustainability at the forefront of our efforts.

Please take a moment to look over the variety of new advertising options available on SCT’s marketing channels that can highlight your business to prospective customers as they plan their long-awaited visit to Sonoma County.

A recording of the “Power of RE” Industry Town Hall is assessable below. And a copy of the PowerPoint presentation can be viewed here.

Thank you for watching, and for all that you do to make Sonoma County an extraordinary destination.