Qimura Japanese Restaurant

Grandma Qimura is 85 years old.


8960 Brooks Road South
Windsor CA, 95492


Local: 707-836-1699

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  • Grandma Qimura is 85 years old. All her life has been about cooking, for her customers, for her husband, for her children, for her grand-children and even for her great-grandchildren. Since she was a young lady until she could no longer hold the spatula, her food had touched countless number of people.

    As her grandchildren, we now seek to do our utmost reproduce her fabulous recipes, and in so doing, share with everybody the memories of her wonderful flavors. Our mission is to always provide our customers the best possible food, just like grandma Qimura always sought to do.

    2019 Restaurant Week Menu
    $29 Dinner

    Fresh organic, local pumpkin appetizer.

    Fusion japanese style tuna steak.
    seared pepper tuna with salad and yuzu sauce,rolled vegetables with black truffle pepper and a side of rice.

    Apple tempura & Banana tempura
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      • Japanese
    • Restaurant Week Menus:
      • $29 Dinner Menu
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