The Art is Medicine Show: Peace (The Redacted Version)

Imaginists PAX
The Imaginists, and Santa Rosa Parks
461 Sebastopol Avenue
Santa Rosa, California, United States 95401
Jessica Rasmussen

The Imaginist's 11th annual bilingual, bicycle-powered El Show el Arte es Medicina/The Art is Medicine Show summer tour rides again with “Peace, the Redacted Version,” an adaptation of Aristophane’s ancient classic comedy.

A small band of domestic workers tidy up around Dump Tower while President Corn’s cabinet of fun and lovable members clean house by imprisoning Peace, Liberty and Democracy. Will an overcrowded field of Superhero hopefuls be able to swoop in for a rescue?

June 28 Imaginists
July 5 Juilliard Park
July 12 Bayer Farm
July 14 Andy's Park
July 19 Juilliard Park

All performances are FREE except for the Kick-off fundraiser
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