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The Beauty of Wine Math

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - 08:00am - 12:00pm
$175 ($150 before June 29)
Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country
170 Railroad Street
Santa Rosa, California 95401
For More Information:
Contact: Meristem Learning
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This unique, half-day seminar reviews and discusses the most important numbers and calculations in winemaking - impacting decisions from harvest to bottling.


Wine is fascinating. Across the globe - terroirs and languages vary; however, the use of numbers in winemaking is universal. Through the lens of instructor Matthew Glynn, MS, who has made wine for over a quarter century in four countries, many of the numbers that surround the grapes, juice, and wine during harvest, fermentation, aging, and bottling will be discussed.


What is potential alcohol? How is it calculated? Nutrients for yeast? What is coarse filtration? Did you say parts per trillion?


Whether you grow grapes, make wine, or just love learning about wine, you will find this seminar enriching.