Breaking Into Birdwatching Presentation with Teresa & Miles Tuffli

Laguna Environmental Center
900 Sanford Road
Santa Rosa, California, United States 95401
Allison Titus

Calling all new birders and bird-curious folks! Join in this workshop and learn how to break into the world of birdwatching. Learn the art of how to look at a bird, get tips on using binoculars, getting the most out of your field guide, and even how to start birding by ear! If you’re excited to take your new knowledge out in the field for a test spin, please also register for the corresponding “Beginners Birding Walk at the Laguna de Santa Rosa” on Saturday, March 14.

Miles and Teresa Tuffli are avid birders from Sonoma County, who especially love helping fellow nature-lovers and “bird

$14 (non-refundable)
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