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Early Spring Blooms: Vernal Pools of the Santa Rosa Plain

Saturday, March 31, 2018 - 09:00am - March 31, 2018
$25-$50 sliding scale
Laguna Environmental Center
900 Sanford Road
Santa Rosa, California 95401
For More Information:
Contact: Anita Smith
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Botanical field trip with Sarah Gordon, Laguna Foundation's Conservation Science Program Manager


The Laguna de Santa Rosa Watershed has some very unique wetland ecosystems called “vernal pools,” temporary pools of water that provide habitat for distinctive plants and animals. This botanical field trip will begin in Heron Hall with hot drinks/snacks and a brief overview of Santa Rosa Plain vernal pool ecology and the Laguna Foundation vernal pool conservation program, followed by a tour of one to two vernal pool sites. Depending on March weather conditions, you may be able to see endangered Sonoma sunshine and Sebastopol meadowfoam in flower, in addition to other early season native vernal pool forbs and grasses.


This outing will include walking over uneven, possibly very wet and muddy ground, and is suitable for 12 years old and up (minors must be accompanied by an adult). Rain will cancel (and fee refunded). A field guide to Vernal Pool Plants of the Santa Rosa Plain ($15) is available for purchase from the Gift Shop.