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Introduction to Astronomy: Part 1, Fundamentals

Monday, April 9, 2018 - 07:30pm
$20.00 per adult and $15.00 for seniors (62+) and youth under 18.
Robert Ferguson Observatory
Sugarloaf Ridge State Park
2605 Adobe Canyon Road
Kenwood, California 95452
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The Robert Ferguson Observatory presents a series of Astronomy sessions on April 9, April 16, May 7, and May 14.


Introduction to Astronomy: Part 1, Fundamentals


This four-part series introduces you to the fundamentals of astronomy, recent discoveries about our solar system, the evolution of stars, and the origin and future of our Universe. Each class lasts about an hour and is geared towards the layperson. After class, you can peer into the depths of space using the observatory's three large telescopes, guaranteed to be a unique and enriching experience.


How do astronomers study objects out in space? How can one navigate the night sky using a star chart? What are the different types of telescopes? This first session will start with the fundamentals, including celestial coordinate systems, how astronomers measure distance, and what can be learned from the light that reaches our telescopes.