Sonomad Entries

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Sonomad Entries

The search for six worthy Sonomads is on!

Below are a sampling of the entries received so far of potential candidates for the three-day photo and video shoot in the Sonoma Wine Country.

Those chosen will be the new faces of Sonoma County, California and be photographed and filmed as they enjoy great wine, eat farm-to-table food and discover the natural beauty of the ancient redwood forest, the mystical Russian River, the romantic beaches of the Pacific Coast and more.

Think you have what it takes to be the next Sonomad? Upload your own video or photo here: Are you the next Sonomad?


Helen and Kevin are ready for their Sonomad adventure. "We visit Sonoma yearly for a week long trip without kids. It's truly a getaway for us, our happy place! Here's our tagline: Sonoma County has it all- from Rugged Redwoods, Sensuous Spas, Wine Country Cuisine, Fresh Farmers' Markets, World-Renowned Wine, Heavenly Hospitality and Unparalleled Sunsets. Sonoma- Your Happy Begins Here!"


Esther and Marty lay out the reasons for being the next Sonomads:

We believe Sonoma County, as did the Wappo Indians, the Valley of the Moon is the chosen spot to dwell and the place to return after every journey. We are born (MC) and raised (EM) in this historically important and cultural diverse region. 

We speak SONOMA because we:
Love to -
Swirl and sip our world renowned wines, while visiting the over 300 unique wine tasting rooms or enjoying a grape spa treatment at one of our 5 Star resorts! 
Enjoy the -
Openness and air quality of our acres of parklands, missions, redwoods forests, lakes, campgrounds, historical town squares, and hiking, biking, farm, cheese, or horse trails! 
Love to -
Nibble on gourmet foods or food products at our numerous nationally acclaimed restaurants, retail establishments or food truck vendors!
Enjoy the -
Overall quality of life our County provides – Snoopy and Clo say it is the perfect place to Stay, Play, and Dine!
Love to -
Meander along our 55 miles of dramatic Pacific Ocean Coastline with its quaint villages and breathtaking views!
Love to -
Attend our lively festival, fairs, farm markets, musical extravaganzas, casinos, museums, theaters, and unique outdoor preserves!
Love to -
Drink a pint of our world top rated beer, or enjoy a brew or cider from one of our 10 plus family owned and award winning breweries!

We are genuWINE with a gigantic thirst for adventure and a lust to experience the world!

Junelle told us:

"Whether I’m selected as the next Sonomad or not, I am actually a Sonomad. I’m a 45 year old mother of three teenagers who works in the field of Education. (note: I’m in the age range of the most common visitor.) We look forward to school vacations embracing the adventures and beauty of Sonoma.

I’m a SSU alumna who worked and played there. I lived in Sonoma County, but a former spouse job relocation took me out of the area 17 years ago. Now, I return as a tourist regularly, nearly annually the past eleven years and numerous times before that. I can attest to how helpful your organization is! The Visitors Guide is invaluable to discovering things to do. 

I thought it would be fun to produce this video when we drove down for the Accordion Festival. It gave us another fun thing to do! I work at an art school, so it was great to use my creative energy in this production. My son, 16, was cameraman, editor and musician (his original music). If you are looking for a person who loves Sonoma County and represents an actual tourist, I am who you are looking for...a Sonomad."


Kristina and Micah are North Bay through and through, and they want to be the next Sonomads!

"Micah was born and raised in Sonoma County...literally born in a home in Guerneville...raised in an A-Framed "tree house" off of Bohemian Hwy. I, Kristina, was raised in Sonoma County, and we both will NEVER live anywhere else. We take trips constantly around the area, so that not only we get to explore the county, but so our kids find Sonoma County Sonomalicious. We do everything!! We cruise out to the beach to walk or horseback because we can and we love the Sonoma Coast Bodayglo! We love finding new trails the kids can ride their bikes on. We are always looking for new, fun places to eat. We hit up all the farmer's markets, festivals, museums, campsites, farms, vineyards, and parades that we can. I am a teacher here in the county and teach my 3rd graders the history of Sonoma County. We absolutely love living in such an exuberant place that we yelled it out amongst the treetops while zip-lining. We ARE definitely the next SONOMADS!!!!"

Are you the next Sonomad?


Kala and Scott are ready to be the next Sonomads. Kala is the force behind "Farm Shorts," the innovative film series that takes viewers down on the farms that dot the landscape in Northern California. A devotion to local-production, local-food and good times made locally put them in the running to be the next Sonomads.


Katie is harvesting her chance to be a Sonomad. She tells us, "Sonoma is a place with such extreme natural beauty and abundance and I try to take advantage of it all. By trade I’m lucky to be the winemaker at St. Francis Winery where I have hand-crafted a large variety of luscious wines from local, Sonoma fruit for the past 10 years. It also gives me a great opportunity to mingle with amazing people throughout the Sonoma community. From local barrel makers, grape growers, and restaurant owners, or even the tourists that pass through our winery and tasting room, my daily interactions remind me every day of what makes Sonoma so unique and special as a place to be a part of. 

For exercise, I crave the outdoors: hiking, kayaking, or biking around in nature – sometimes with my lovely pup in tow. Or a girlfriend and I will unwind with a yoga class in town.

To relax, I get creative in the kitchen. I always have a stack of recipes to put some of Sonoma’s local produce, and my herb garden, to use. Of course I love pairing any home-cooked meal with a glass of my wine. 

For the house, I search all of Sonoma’s antique stores to find beautiful vintage pieces or an odd piece of furniture that will inspire me to spend weeks refurbishing until its good as new.

Overall, I can’t imagine living anywhere else where there is such a fun and supportive environment to really live life to the fullest."

Katie makes a good case - can you? Hurry - final deadline to submit is August 31. Go to to enter.


Yuriana is a Sonoma County local who tells us, "I would love to be the next Sonomad because I am a Sonoma County mom who truly appreciates the beauty this County has to offer; from exploring the plentiful trails, taking the time to smell the rose gardens, visiting local farms or enjoying an evening of fine dining in Healdsburg. I have been blessed to call Sonoma County home for the past 31 years and I am honored to be able to share these experiences with my daughter."  If you are like Yuriana and you have what it takes to be one of the lucky Sonomads, apply now (submission period ends August 31 at 4:59 pm Sonoma County time!)


The Ya-Yas write to us, "We are the Ya-Yas, girlhood friends from Indiana. Over the years, life has taken us in many directions, but we have committed to meeting annually to nourish our enduring friendship. This year we decided to discover the bounty of Sonoma, California together. And boy, are we glad we did! Sonoma is amazing in every imaginable way. It is friendly, fun, beautiful and easy to navigate.  We had a wonderful weekend visiting vineyards, tasting wine, shopping, eating at fabulous restaurants, and indulging in a relaxing spa experience.  Learning the history of this amazing California city at the end of the El Camino Real was also a highlight. One thing became very clear . . . Sonoma. . . Its not Napa!  As our weekend came to a close we knew we wanted to return to Sonoma together. And we are eager to return to continue our path of discovery as Sonomads!" Ya, ya, that's a good entry. Get yours in soon:


Mark and Ashley want to be considered for the next Sonomad photo shoot. "Much has changed since our daughter was born 2 years ago, but our love for wine has been a constant in our relationship since we met in 2004. We now live in Hoboken, NJ, but through wine we have literally and / or figuratively traveled (through numerous bottles of wine) to California, Italy, Spain, South America, New Zealand, etc. We always seem to gravitate back to the wines of Sonoma since there is nothing better than swirling and sipping one of the cool Pinot Noirs. These wines have often been the centerpiece of birthday dinners from our 20’s into our 30’s. They have accompanied holidays with family. We even pop open an occasional bottle (or 2!) on a Tuesday night for no particular reason. Although we live in the greater New York City area, we try our best to live like true #Sonomads. We love all things Sonoma such as clean crisp air, an active lifestyle, dusk on the beach, using fresh produce from the local farmer’s market to make a healthy meal, and last but not least drinking a fresh IPA from the Russian River Valley or some world-class Sonoma wine!" 


Lauren is a woman of action and few words, and she explains she wants to be the next Sonomad because "I rock it in Sonoma County!"  Surely you can tell us why you could be one of the lucky ones chosen for a multi-day photo shoot in Sonoma Wine Country by submitting today.


Cricket and David love Sonoma County so much they were married here. "We were married in Healdsburg and have returned for the last 12 years to celebrate our anniversary.  We stay for two weeks and enjoy all the great restaurants, wineries, famers markets and nature which make up Sonoma County." They submitted to be the next Sonomads - did you?


Tony goes for the short and sweet approach when he says, "I live, eat, and work in Sonoma County." So, hey, why not be the next Sonomad, too? 


Monica tells us: "My friends think of me as a 'Sonoscout', since they think I know a whole lotta about what to do in Sonoma. Sometimes I dream of moving to one of the cottages near Russian River Rose company, so I'm surrounded by the ethereal beauty of nature."



Annette shows she has what it takes to be a Sonomad. A local girl, she writes, "Happily calling Sonoma County my home, I am currently the owner/chef at a Petaluma Michelin-recommended restaurant, which means that this diehard foodie can swirl a Dry Creek Syrah while making you a killer prosciutto & wild mushroom ravioli with a Point Reyes blue cheese cream sauce from scratch…hungry? I am also an avid adventurist and travel writer who explores the world in search of bucket list worthy experiences. I bet there are a few to be had in Sonoma County. Hot air ballooning anyone?

As a passionate new experience collector, the local Sonoma County adventure opportunities never cease to amaze me. I have eaten lambs tongue in Healdsburg, paddled a canoe down the Russian river, petted pigs in Petaluma, learned to skate backwards at Snoopy’s, put on my big girl panties to donate blood for the Redwood bank, danced on stage to Wonderbread 5 at the Mystic (what lady hasn’t?), sat in the big blue chair at Cornerstone, got chased by squirrels at Annadel (really!), done the Cotati crawl (maybe more than once) and sipped jammy red wine just about everywhere. Even though I have created many amazing memories here, there is so much more exploring to do which is why being a Sonomad is now #524 of my bucket list. You wouldn’t want to deny me a big fat checkmark next to it, would you?"

Check off submitting your own entry to be one of the next Sonomads by going to by August 31.


Brian has sporty hoodie, will travel. He posits, "I think I might embody the spirit of a "Sonomad" because I'm a VERY active individual with an outgoing personality who is very driven, and loves to live life to the fullest -- never settling and always reaching for new goals and dreams. I'm actually a U.S. Top 10 Billboard Recording Artist with int'l top charting hits in the UK and EUR + 4 major motion picture song placements w/20th Century Fox films like "Garfield 2", "Fantastic Four 2", "Dragonball Evolution" and "Aliens in the Attic" starring Ashley Tisdale (see I grew up in the SF Bay Area developing my love for the arts, food, and culture and decided after some years of living in LA during the development of my career, that it was time to take a break for a bit and move back -- traveling for new projects when need be. For me, Sonoma is a GREAT way to unwind from "show business" and the hustle and bustle of SF city -- where I now live. I can not only reboot from a fast paced career-lifestyle by escaping to SONOMA -- but I can also eat, drink, and take adventures with friends in the vast amount of activities that SONOMA has to offer! While having already been all over the world in my career, I can STILL be transported to what feels like a European vacation -- and enjoy the convenience of everything -- right in San Francisco's back yard." 

When you're ready to throw your sweatshirt in the ring, submit to be one of the next faces of Sonoma County at


Michella is ready to be the next Sonomad.

She writes:

"My love for Sonoma County has continued to develop as the years go by. My parents moved here in 1984 and I had been back and forth from here until 2001 when I permanently moved back to Santa Rosa. Because I travel a lot, I have a had the opportunity to experience other locations and I have a very good idea of what is offered out there. Every time I come back here, I am grateful for what we have in this county. We are truely spoiled like not others due to our beautiful weather, the goregous landscape to the variety of fresh food and wine we have available to us. NO WHERE else in this great Country can you find what we have here. It took me moving out of the area for a 1 1/2 yrs to understand exactly what that meant. From our local grocery stores such as Olivers and Big Johns, to our parks such as Spring Lake and Armstrong Woods to our fabulous and goregous beaches like Goat Rock and Dillion Beach. We have easy access to everything. Close enough to San Francisco if we want to visit the big city to being out in the country with the rolling hills.

The people here in Sonoma county are also so friendly and accomadating and seem to be as happy as I am to live here. They are down to earth yet understand what a special place we live in. I am so glad I live here and never plan to move out of this county!"


Double Sonomad! Our first double entry of a couple yields four individuals, two couples and one good chance to get some new Sonomads. Miguel and Jolene and Jessica and Scott send us an apologia on why they have chosen the Sonomad life:

"We are sonomads because...

... we come to our self-professed 'mecca' each and every year for the past 5 years and each year, we introduce new friends to the beauty, the wine, the food and the culture that is Sonoma County. We fell in love with it so much that we even got married there, in Healdsburg, by THE @sonomawineguy Jim Morris on June 30 (Jolene and Miguel, with Jessica and Scott in tow!!) and it was the best day (and week) of our lives together!

…we have perfected the art of the 'snotty wine face' after many long hard years of 'field research' aka observing many a wine taster in many a tasting room swish and swirl.  And yet we, the ever-faithful wine lovers that we are, will always say ’just drink good wine!' (life is too short not to). We also credit ourselves *juuuust a titch* because we may have singlehandedly helped to push forth the "Free the Grapes” movement with the obscene amount of wine clubs we belong to. We’ve used any means possible – literally any means possible - to ship our many (many, MANY…) beloved wine clubs all the way to Massachusetts (and are convinced we live in prohibition by how strict the laws are in our part of the country!).

…not only do we love the wine, the food and the people of Sonoma County, but we love the beauty of the vineyards (the smaller the better, in our book!), the history behind the wine making process, and the 'bucket list' activities everyone must do when they come to Sonoma County: zip line (check!), hot air balloon ride (check!) and get married in Healdsburg (okay, so that last one was just *our* bucket list item).


They are. Are you? Then apply here:


Liz is a local Sonoma County resident who thinks she has what it takes to be the next Sonomad. She is also fairly loquacious. To wit:

"If you're looking for someone who LOVES EVERYTHING about Sonoma County & someone who is PASSIONATE about WINE, FOOD, & the great SONOMA COUNTY OUTDOORS... Well then you're in luck, because that's ME! I'm a local who knows the ins and outs of Sonoma County because it's my favorite place to the world!!! I enjoy deep red wines, local fresh produce, stinky cheeses, long walks on the beach & in the redwoods, picnics at local parks & wineries..oh, and the list goes on..!!!

I worked in the wine industry for 4 years & was even runner up in the Miss Sonoma County Pageant in 2006! I've crushed grapes with my bare feet, danced under the stars, canoed down the Russian River, & jumped out of planes from 18,000 feet in Cloverdale! I'm part Italian & full sonomacountian!! I live life to it's fullest! I love people, making new friends and socializing! Oh and did I mention that being I enjoy being photographed & filmed. I'm comfortable being in the spotlight! You'll love me :) "

Not only do more emoticons make their way into the entries, but now we have "Escape" by Rupert Holmes as an earworm. While we attempt to exorcise the Pina Colada demon, be sure to get your own entry to be in a multi-day food and wine-soaked photo shoot in Sonoma County to us by August 31. 


Rocio says she is ready to be one of the next faces of Sonoma Wine Country when she emphatically states, "Lets go get some wine at Sonoma!" Short and sweet. 


Darah and Bob come to us all the way from South Carolina, and tell us they "have been married for 39 years and our love and knowlege of wine has grown over that time. We have been lucky to be able to travel to the Finger Lakes, Tuscany, Provence and Napa, but Sonoma is our favorite! We have 2 adult children, and it has been our pleasure to expose them to the enjoyment of wine. One of our favorite activities is sitting around the dinner table sipping wine!" Well, they might get the chance to sip plenty of Sonoma County wine, and get their pictures taken as part of our award-winning ad campaign, if they are chosen as some of the next Sonomads. Are you ready to submit your entry? 


From the coast, to the vineyards and back to the coast, Jessica is ready to be one of the next faces of Sonoma County. The local girl writes, "Born and raised in Sonoma County, I grew up in the sticks of Occidental, and will never get over what an amazing place I was blessed to grow up & live in! I'm a certified tourism ambassador for Sonoma County, so I'm proud to say I know my fair share about our little piece of paradise here! I work in Bodega Bay for a vacation rental company, for a vacation rental company that my parents just opened about 4 years ago. We're a small ma & pa shop, who's doing really well and we strive to give our guests the best experiences they can have living like a local here on the Sonoma Coast ... I have huge admiration for all that is Sonoma County; its beautifully diverse landscapes, the wonderful farmers markets and friendly people, the fantastic locally made wine, beers, coffee & teas, and of course the perfect weather! I have a love and passion for Sonoma County that runs within me & that's why I should be chosen to be the next Sonomad :) "  Emoticon alert - this one means business. Think you have what it takes to be one of the next Sonomads? Apply now for the multi-day photo shoot... 


Stepanie and Austin from Arizona paddled right into the running with this submission: "Austin and I are on the adventure of a lifetime together, we love all things outdoors as well as fine food and wine. Sonoma is on our list of places to live. We adore being parents but would love the opportunity to have an amazing adult weekend in Sonoma, and why not look good doing it! Thank you for the opportunity to participate."


Nicole from the East Bay is outstanding in the field for the Sonomad contest. Well, vineyard, anyway. She says, "I love a warm, relaxing and magical day, touring, tasting and toasting to great friends and many blessings surrounded by the unmatched beauty of the Sonoma Wine Country!" Submit your own entry soon!


Maggie is a country girl with some flair, and she wants to be one of the next faces of Sonoma Wine Country. She writes that she is a "fresh-faced, down-home country girl, Sonoma County born and raised, aspiring model and extremely photogenic." Ready to submit your photo or video? Send it at and you could be a part of a great three-day food and wine adventure in Sonoma Wine Country.


Melissa wants to be the next Sonomad, 23 skidoo! She tells us to "Lose yourself in another time, another place, another era" and consider this Texan with style for the three-day food and wine photo shoot in early October. East Egg, West Egg - we don't care. She looks like a good egg and if you want to join her, enter your own video or photo at soon.


Jennifer from California's central coast tells us she should be the next Sonomad because she is "bright happy and full of life ..." Clearly, this is a woman who believes a picture is worth a thousand words, as that is all she told us. If you want to submit your photo or video for the three-day photo shoot, and you are a bit more verbose, or not, send it to us via by August 31! 


Andrew is ready to be the next Sonomad: "I was a lifelong North Bay resident, and my family has lived in Sonoma County for 20 plus years. Heck, I returned to the county after my travels in Humboldt County to continue my study of archaeology at SSU, as I couldn't imagine ever severing my connection with the county that nurtured my love of good music and exceptional beer. These had as much to do with rounding out my education as the indelible memories I made lliving and working in this glorious county with the most authentic folks I've known. My shirt in this picture is a treasured survivor from the defunct Sonoma County Blues Society, worn here at another festival where I might as well have been ticking off the minutes until I could return to the county of my family, food, friends, and family. This is the power of pull that Sonoma County uses to tap you on the shoulder and beckon your return, often when you need to hear the call the most. There are doubtless other worthy candidates for this competition; I'd like to throw my hat in the ring. Thanks for your consideration." If you're ready to enter, head over here to send in your photo or video. Hurrry - this thing ends August 31!


Tracy and Michael are from Florida, and they are ready to be the next Sonomads. Tracy tells us: Why should we be chosen?? I will keep it simple:

1. It really is our anniversary during that time. What a fabulous way to spend it!
2. We are adventurous and live to try new things and see new places, and
3. We LOVE to have our picture taken together!
What more can I say? We would be perfect!

Think you will be perfect? Submit a video or photo of you, or enter as a couple, at and you might be part of a multi-day photo and video shoot in Sonoma Wine Country. 


A Sonomad until the cows come home, and even after, Andrea would like to be one of the six people chosen to be the next face of Sonoma County. She says, "I spend my days cultivating the beautiful rich soil to grow nutritious food for my community. In the cool evenings I sit on my patio beside my hop plants (which find their way into our home brew) enjoying a glass of local fermented grape juice. Every week I can be found selling vegetables at my local Friday morning farmers’ market or at the back door of amazing kitchens. When not growing or selling vegetables I love to travel around the county, especially out to Russian River Valley to spend some time among the redwoods and pop in to a few tasting rooms." From soil to Sonomad, salt-of-the-earth to spokesperson -- is Andrea the next Sonomad? Entry period to be considered ends August 31... send in your video or photo now.

Adrian and Kirstin have what it takes to be the next Sonomads. Adrian is active on his bike, and Kristin enjoys hikes with her family. The sent in, "Both my wife and I were raised in Sonoma County, and while each of us ventured off to far corners of the world, we have always come back and called Sonoma County home. We just love everything about it. We enjoy the fine dining (farm to table), micro brews, and world class wine options, along with the great people and outdoor activities. We are adventurous, spontaneous, fun loving and would provide a good example to others who may want to come visit. #Sonomads"  Love it. And if you are ready to submit, go to by August 31 to be considered.


Ashlee and Randy are excited to be the next Sonomads. Ashlee writes of her Sonoma County odyssey, "In 2011, I was offered a job in Walnut Creek. Having been born and raised in Santa Rosa, I was excited at the opportunity to experience another area. Randy quit his job, said goodbye to all his friend and a 15-year DJ career in Sonoma County and moved along with me. After just weeks, we missed home and found ourselves returning nearly every weekend. But it wasn't just to be with our friends and family. It was to wine, to dine and to adventure this amazing area that we couldn't believe we'd ever wanted to leave. It took only 6 months for us to return with a new found deep love and appreciation for this incredibly county. From oysters and wine tasting in Healdsburg, to hiking up Mt. Hood, to watching live music at Lagunitas, we love every corner of Sonoma County and spend our time exploring both old favorites and undiscovered nooks and crannies. As locals, as food, wine and adventure lovers, as newlyweds (we'll be married soon in Petaluma!), we think we can represent Sonoma County and all it's incredible offerings with love and pride. Pick us!"  Talk about an entry! If you want to submit to be one of the six Sonomads chosen for the photo shoot, apply here. 



Jonathan and Francesca are ready to be the couple for the Sonomad photo shoot. We enjoy going out and living the local life with food and wine and culture. My girlfriend is 100% Italian and has brought me into this life. Together we make a perfect couple for this contest. Are you part of the perfect couple? Send us your photo and video today. 


Jillian and Julie write us with, A Mother/Daughter Sonoma Love Story.  "We lived in Houston, Texas, and it was both of our dreams to move out to Northern California where we visited through the years, and Jillian's first trip to the wine country was at 7 months.  Our fairy tale came true in December, 2009 when I had the opportunity to move to the bay area.  Jillian was still attending college and moved out shortly afterwards.  We've shared many beautiful mother/daughter days in Sonoma.  It is the perfect getaway for us, since with are both passionate about wine, food and nature.   We've planned many a fun day in Sonoma and have warm Sonomories that will last a lifetime and beyond, including an overly ambitious bike trip through Sonoma!  A day spent as a Sonomad with Jillian is the best, and I know we'll have many more Sonomemories to come!  My two loves - Jillian and Sonoma - a matchless combination."  Well put Jillian and Julie. They want to be the next Sonomads - what about you?



Joana tells us that, "I have the spirit and motivation every Sonomad should have!!!! Wine country for life." She might be the next Sonomad, are you?



Maybe Melissa is one of the six new Sonomads? She's a local, has a certain flair, and she writes, "I love Sonoma County I was born and raised here as well as all four of my children, there is no place like it. Sonoma County will always be my home, the beauty and splendor are what everyone looks for! So much to do all within reach."


Is Nancy the next Sonomad? She writes that she "is equally comfortable in waders fly fishing, or waist deep in mud planting trees, as I am in heels, pearls and a cocktail dress... I am an easy traveler, and have been known to leave the county on one days notice with no more then a credit card and an overnight bag... Sonoma County optimizes the good life, with health, fun,beauty and diversity. I would be honored to be the ambassador of that message." Think you have what it takes to represent Sonoma County and participate in a three-day food and wine photo and video shoot? Enter before August 31 here. 



Is this guy one of the six Sonomads? He writes, "Having been born and raised in Sonoma proper, I have a true appreciation for this unbelievable town.An extensive world traveler, I can honestly say it's the best place on earth. In fact, when I was ABC's "The Bachelor" I made it a goal to highlight this town and county so millions of people would know how special this place can be. Thanks!"  Who knows - he might be one of the lucky six who can get their big break and be the face of Sonoma County. Don't forget to upload your entry before August 31.



Megan and Meghan of Santa Cruz want to be the next Sonomads, and they seem to have moved in already. Megan, or maybe Meghan, writes, "I would like to be the next Sonomad because I believe I have what it takes to place a smile on people's faces and put emotion and beauty into pictures. I like to capture one's true self in a photo and that is why I have chosen the picture above, this was shot very randomly and our true selves are put into this photo no posing was necessary in order to make simplicity happen. I hope you consider the two women in this photo as you next Sonomad, I promise you will not be disappointed especially with character and bliss placed into every photo we would be shot in only to make the photo look like reality. Thank you!!"  Thanks you, Meg(h)an(s).  You can enter along with the dynamic duo pictured at the Sonomads Photo Shoot submission page. 


The force is strong with this one. While technically not a very good entry to be the next Sonomad, definitely a good entry to run this contest. Roberto sent this in and we suspect it was fueled by a bit of zinfidelity on his behalf and a late night. A Sonomad in our hearts you are, Roberto.


Staci and her fiance want to be the next faces of Sonoma County. They write, "We love the wine country. We make it out there as much as we can. We want to get married out there next fall and this would just be so wonderful. We would love to be apart of this! We are fun, outdoor great people, we wouldnt let you down. :) "  Hey - emoticons always add that special splash. Do you have what it takes to take part in a three-day food and wine photo shoot in Sonoma County? Enter your own video or photo here. Entry period ends August 31, so get moving! 




Kyle and Kristen show they have what it takes to be considered to be chosen for a three-day food and wine photo and video shoot in Sonoma Wine Country. This video shows their playful nature and thirst for adventure. And, evidently, beer. Like many before them, they left the Plains for California.  Kristen writes, "We are epicurean adventure seekers with a hunger for the outdoors. Four years ago, we sold everything we owned, packed our bags and headed out west, moving from Oklahoma to California. While making the move wasn’t the easiest of transitions, we were determined to ‘find our tribe.’ ... We are proud to call ourselves #Sonomads."



Janelle is from Southern California, but she still has a place for Sonoma County in her heart. She writes her reasons for being chosen as one of the next Sonomads chosen for a three-day photo shoot in Sonoma Wine Country in the form of a 10-point list:

Top 10 Reason I'm Your Gal:

#10 I know where to find Pliny.
#9 I wear the appropriate amount of Turquoise jewelry
#8 I still call it the Luther Burbank Center
#7 My kitchen is filled with Sonoma County kitsch.
#6 I got the Merlot joke at the end of Sideways
#5 My grandma was The River that kind of makes me River Royalty
#4 I've kayaked the rivers, and skied the lakes
#3 I worked at the Bohemian Grove
#2 I'm letting my grey grow out.
#1 Even though I've been gone for 20 years, I still call Sonoma County HOME.

Janelle makes a strong case to be chosen for three days of food and wine adventure. What about you - are you the next Sonomad? Submit your video or photo today and you might be one of the six!  


Ruby hails from Northern California and she is ready to be one of the next faces of Sonoma County. She writes, "I live for exploring the beauty that surrounds Sonoma County." Wind in her hair, smile on her face and looking to the future - Ruby has the look of a Sonomad. Are you ready to try out for a three-day food and wine adventure in the Sonoma Wine Country? Enter to be the next Sonomad here. Entry period ends August 31.



Meet local resident Maria. She's ready to be one of the next Sonomads and enjoy a three-day Sonoma Wine Country aventure. She writes, "This photo was taken in Glen Ellen.  I would love be a Sonomad as I love this town, it's people, and the lifestyle.  My husband and I have lived here for almost 3 years along with our golden retriever Mr. Wilson.  We have had so many visitors from all over the country and have enjoyed showing our guest all the wineries, cheese farms, hikes, restaurants, etc.  We moved to a wonderful place and am very grateful." If you want to try to be one of the new faces of Sonoma County and enjoy a three day food and wine adventure here in late Sep/early October, then make haste to the entry page and tell us why you should be chosen. Submit a video or photo that shows your personality:



Jessica and Cameron might be the next Sonomads. Jessica appears to have that fun-loving spirit endemic to those that enjoy the good life of Sonoma County, while Cameron stares off into the next horizon, ready to follow the setting sun to new adventures... or the next winery. Jessica writes that she and her boyfriend are huge foodies and "We soak up all that is Sonoma: hike, bike, taste, spa, ocean, you name it." The compeition is heating up for the next faces of Sonoma County. Are you the next Sonomad? Enter your own video or photo before August 31 to be considered. 


Edmond entered to be the next face of Sonoma County. Is he one of the 6 "Sonomads" to be chosen for a three-day food and wine adventure? Can he handle hot air balloons, hikes in the redwoods and farm-to-table dinners? One thing is certain - Edmond has style.


Katherine, a substitute teacher from Washington, thinks she would be a good Sonomad. She writes, "There is a wonderful sense of community and connection I feel every time I visit... Although I live in Washington, I consider myself a true Sonomad!"


Karen loves horses, and she wants to be one of the next Sonomads. She says, "I'm a small business owner, avide equine enthusiast and frequent visitor to all the best places Sonoma County has to offer!  A friend of mine referred me to this contest because the picture you have in your ad looks exactly like all of the pictures I post!"


Ezau is ready to be the next Sonomad. He's a local hip-hop performer who says he is "ready to be the next model for Sonoma." His specialty? Bilingual love rap songs. ¡Que rico! ¿Es él el próximo Sonomad?


Is Dylan the next Sonomad? He's a local boy who says, "I love Sonoma county! I'm a chef and I can't believe I get to live and work in the most beautiful place on earth!" Well, what do you think - is Dylan going to be one of the six chosen for the three-day food and wine photo and video shoot? Or are you the next Sonomad?


Are they the next Sonomads? It's possible, but maybe not. They are dogs. But they are very cute dogs, and since this photo was sent in, we thought we'd include it anyway. At this time we are not casting for dogs. We are casting for people. Human people. Who will be part of our new ad campaign and spend three days in Sonoma Wine Country adventures. Thanks for the dog picture, though!