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Speak Sonoma Glossary

Explore this handy (and webby) glossary for some key terms that will enhance your Sonoma County experience and help you speak like a native Sonomad!

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[noun] People who embrace the wanderlust of Sonoma Wine Country.

Al Fresco

[noun] Name of local Sonoma County legend who invented outdoor dining.


[verb] Using Sonoma County's iPhone app to track down the amazingly diverse local dining options.

Artist's Palate

[noun] Impeccable good taste exhibited by people who love Sonoma County art and wine.


[noun] The bright and sunny disposition one exudes after spending a summer afternoon on the Sonoma Coast.

CMP (Certified Morale Pleaser)

[noun] Official designation bestowed upon meeting planners who book meetings in Sonoma County.


[verb] Strolling, surfing, and staying where the sand meets the sea, the vistas are endless and the experience a natural wonder.


[noun] Who you will find hanging out in any of the eclectic Sonoma County coffee shops.

Corker Spaniel

[noun] Dog breed native to Sonoma County, with a particularly sensitive nose and palate.


[verb] Enjoying wine tasting at multiple Sonoma County wineries.


[adjective] Refers to a relaxing day on the Russian River, far away from cosmopolitan stress.


[noun] Big, beautiful biking trails through the rolling hills of Sonoma County that challenge and thrill the most passionate pedalers.

First Crush

[noun] Virgin visit to Sonoma County during fall harvest and grape crush time.


[noun] Multi-purpose utensil facilitating wine and food pairing.

Full Monte Rio

[noun] A day spent canoeing, hiking, wine tasting and watching the sunset over the redwoods.

Grape Scope

[adjective] The range of wine grapes grown in Sonoma County, from Chardonnay to Zinfandel and a bajllion in between.

Groom with a View

[noun] Wedding ceremony held at one of the many beautiful outdoor venues in Sonoma County.


[noun] An urban hipster bringing bohemian fabulousness to the redwoods and river towns.


[noun] An inquisitive visitor to Sonoma County looking to explore the vast array of local fresh food options.


[noun] The audacity to find wellness and relaxation in Sonoma County.


[verb] Partaking of a spa treatment so exhilarating, there is no need to rejuvenate.


[adjective] Enjoying one of the beautiful lakes in Sonoma County

Living in Zin

[verb] Sharing a particular vintage of wine before (and after) you're married.


[noun] A cash incentive of up to $4,000 when you book your meeting in Sonoma County.


[adj.] At or near the center of all things Sonoma County


[adjective] Really cool and unique products made by Sonoma County producers.
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[noun] People who embrace the wanderlust of Sonoma Wine Country.


[adj.] Describing any of the savory delights found in Sonoma County.


[noun] With 18 courses, the ability to play golf in Sonoma Wine Country again and again.


[interj.] Exclamation upon discovering one of Sonoma County's spectacular spas


[adj.] Describing an experience at any one of Sonoma County's fabulous spas.


[noun] Impulsively booking a last-minute weekend getaway at a relaxing Sonoma County spa..

Suite Hearts

[noun] Newlywed couple enjoying a romantic honeymoon in one of Sonoma County's fabulous hotels, inns and other lodgings


[v.] Relaxing on a Sonoma County beach to watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

Swirl Friends

[noun] Pals that you take wine tasting with you

Tasting Keynotes

[noun] Kickoff speech exciting the staff and firing up interest in the post-meeting wine tasting trip

The Occidental Tourist

[noun] Person who loves exploring the charming towns found in beautiful west Sonoma County


[adjective] Extreme loyalty to drinking only one kind of red wine.