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Jessica Quandt
Jessica Quandt is a native Santa Rosan, reformed New Yorker, occasional American ex-pat, and former newspaper reporter who has decided blogging is much more fun. She has written about and hosted travel videos in destinations all over the world and, given half a chance, will talk your ear off about her love of France, her search for the best vegetarian street food in Southeast Asia, and that time she almost died on a Segway in the Caribbean (on second thought, she’d kind of like to forget about that last one). When choosing places to shop and sleep, Jessica loves to seek out the unexpected. She believes it’s the unique keepsakes, friendly people, and authentic experiences that keep our memories alive long after our travels are over. So if it doesn’t have character, she won’t be telling you about it.  Jessica’s lived in New York City, Boston, Paris, and, most recently, New Zealand, where she spent a year traveling and working in Kiwi lodges. Still, she’ll always call Sonoma County home.
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