‘Victory’ gallops on Geyserville Sculpture Trail

A 25-foot-tall statue of a galloping horse fashioned with reclaimed steel and redwood rears up proudly on the Geyserville Sculpture Trail, which features more than 25 outdoor works of art in northern Sonoma County.

Commissioned by the Geyserville Community Foundation, the massive, muscular sculpture was about three-quarters complete when the October 2017 wildfires hit Sonoma County, destroying sculptor Bryan Tedrick’s art studio. Thankfully, Tedrick had cleared the grass from around the in-progress horse and had regularly hosed it down, so the statue suffered only minimal damage.

Now christened “Victory,” the imposing statue stands in an open meadow at the southern end of the Geyserville Sculpture Trail, just off Highway 101. For several years Geyserville worked with the nearby town of Cloverdale to host a joint sculpture trail. By mutual agreement the two sculpture trails are now separate operations, but continue to collaborate and support each other.

Many of the pieces on the Geyserville Sculpture Trail, including Victory, are on permanent display, while others will be replaced periodically. They are all located along Geyserville Avenue. A list of the sculptures and a downloadable trail map are available at https://geyservillecommunityfoundation.org/gallery-of-current-sculpture-trail/.


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