Botany Zhi is a Jungle

In downtown Santa Rosa, pedestrians are beginning to carry enviously beautiful houseplants in their arms as they return to their cars. Follow the trail to Botany Zhi, an eclectically chic jungle lifestyle shop featuring the prized collection of Lewis Deng’s coveted, exotic, and even rare houseplants. Every month, the window displays will adorn different rarities, like the Dragon Scale that is always in high demand. Many of these plants for sale are products of Lewis’ own green thumb in his personal greenhouse, inspired by a passion for the beauty and well-being benefits of turning your home into a jungle. Lewis and his husband will also switch up the interior décor with a little furniture rearrangement and plant repositioning, inspiring guests to do the same.  

A bright orange modern sofa sits across from the mid-century modern television/record player that doubles as a plant shelf for snake plants, small monsteras, and unique fuzzy ferns, while the ceilings are draped with chandeliers emitting warm hues from its grow lights to the exposed brick walls. Every piece of furnishing is thrifted from local shops and sellers, creating an inviting and stylish home for these living pieces of décor. A prized 30-year-old Philodendron spreads its massive leaves, and it is surrounded by approachable houseplants, each individually selected by Lewis’ expert eye. DM @botanyzhi anytime for follow-up care questions, because every plant that leaves the shop is given a generous guarantee. Lewis empowers new houseplant owners to learn, adapt, and become lifelong purveyors of specialty indoor greenery.  

Botany Zhi restocks every Thursday and provides guests with sweet complimentary takeaways so that we can all have the tools to keep a more vibrant and more green indoor space.  


311 D St.
Santa Rosa CA, 95404

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