Heritage Alchemy is Sonoma County’s first Refill Station & Sustainable Goods Shop

Explore the sustainably curated brands at Heritage Alchemy’s new shop in Santa Rosa, where clean products are celebrated, and sustainability is the mantra to influence a better future. Find bestsellers like the Terrazzo-inspired mini gem soaps, which are hand cut and a beautiful addition to any bathroom counter. Other products include the plastic-free Safety Razor that is non-disposable and can be used for face and body, or the beautifully handmade and wheel-thrown mugs from Mayware Ceramics. From cleaning products to health and beauty necessities to tasteful home décor, every product is hand-selected by the women behind Heritage Alchemy.  

Explore how their Refill Station for soaps, cleaners, and bath products are an economical way to reuse bottles, reduce consumption of single-use plastics, and minimize waste. For those looking to host low-waste events, Heritage Alchemy works with local rental companies to provide affordable service ware to help ditch disposables and work towards saving the planet. Shop the brick-and-mortar Wednesdays through Sundays from 10:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m.


300 S. A St.
Santa Rosa CA, 95401

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Local: 707-978-4601

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