Savor simplicity at Ippinn Udon and Tempura

Slurping is allowed at the new Ippinn Udon and Tempura restaurant in Santa Rosa, in central Sonoma County.

A Japanese staple for nearly a thousand years, udon are chewy, thick noodles traditionally served hot in winter and cold in the summer, with a dashi broth (a briny broth made with shrimp flakes and seaweed), scallions, and a soy dipping sauce. Udon bars are popular in San Francisco, and Ippinn Udon owners Frank Wu, Teng Yushu, and Mason Lin hope to introduce a love of udon to the North Bay.

An udon noodle-making machine sits by the window, endlessly chopping noodles. The menu ranges from simple bowls of udon to cross-over dishes like curry udon or spicy beef. Service is cafeteria style, and guests slide their trays past a selection of tempura options, choosing the ones they want.


1800 Mendocino Ave.
Santa Rosa CA, 95401

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Local: 707-521-9911

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Ippinn Udon and Tempura