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Sushi Koshō brings Japan to The Barlow

The emphasis is on food, local ingredients, and sustainability at Sushi Koshō, a modern Japanese and sushi restaurant at The Barlow in Sebastopol, in western Sonoma County.

Chef Jake Rand brings 20 years of experience to this new venture. He has traveled to many of the famous markets in Japan, gaining a vast knowledge of selecting top ingredients and the freshest fish.

The restaurant is named for a condiment commonly found in Japanese cuisine, yuzu koshō. Known for its spicy, acidic, and balanced nature, yuzu koshō appears throughout the menu in a variety of forms, including Meyer lemon, grapefruit, and Satsuma orange koshō.

Choose from 12 seats around the sushi bar, where you can interact with the chef, or tables for groups of two to four people (and larger parties can be accommodated).  In addition to sushi, the menu offers a variety of classic Japanese comfort food, including Okonomiyaki (omelet-like pancakes) and Wagyu beef short ribs with dry roasted baby vegetables, as well as items like Salmon Tartar Tacos (on a crispy wonton shell).

6750 McKinley St.
Sebastopol, CA 95472
United States
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