Schermeister Winery

Hedonistic, Intense aroma, Gorgeous color, Incredible flavor, BIG.

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  • Hedonistic, Intense aroma, Gorgeous color, Incredible flavor, BIG. That’s how people describe our wines.

    Schermeister Winery makes limited production native fermentation wines from Napa Valley and Sonoma County, California. We produce our wines in limited quantities in order to focus on quality. By committing to native fermentation, our wines remain free of lab-created yeasts and instead rely on the wild yeasts found in every vineyard we harvest from each year. By using this method, you are tasting the true nature of the vineyard and its unique terroir. Each harvest brings our favorite varietals to our repertoire, but our first love is undoubtedly Pinot Noir.

    Come visit us in Glen Ellen! Walk-ins are welcome. Reservations are available for private tastings of our wines with winemaker Robert Schermeister. To reserve your tasting, please call 707-934-8953.

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    • A true gem!

      If you want to encounter a genuine wine tasting experience you must visit the Schermeister tasting room in Glen Ellen. Get away from the heavily trafficked and touristy areas of Napa Valley. This...

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