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Fort Ross CA

Fort Ross on the Sonoma Coast is steeped in California history with stories of Russian fur trappers inhabiting the area from 1812-41. The Fort Ross State Historical Park, established in 1906, preserves the Russian settlement with buildings, both original and restored, show vestiges of Russian and Native Alaskan influence in the area. The Cultural Heritage Festival is held every year to celebrate the diverse settlers and their trades. The bicentennial of the town's founding was celebrated throughout 2012. Nearby Salt Point State Park and the town of Timber Cove promise breathtaking scenery.

Fort Ross State Historic Park provides a peek into the past, primarily with reconstructed buildings that recall the once-thriving trading colony. There is also a park museum offering details about the three main eras of Fort Ross — Kashaya Indian, Russian, and Spanish rancho. Other activities along this scenic coastal region include wine tasting, beach walking, hiking, picnicking, and more. Nearby Stillwater Cove Regional Park offers pleasant campsites with more than two miles of easy trails. And a few miles north of Fort Ross, the Timber Cove Inn features a 93-foot obelisk sculpture by renowned artist Benny Bufano.

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