Farm Animal Tours in Sonoma County

Chickens at Charlie's Acres Farm Sanctuary in Petaluma

Fluffy, fuzzy, feathery, and nuzzly farm animals put the “country” in Wine Country — and since National Farm Animal Day is April 10, 2022, why not get up close and personal with our chickens, cows, sheep, goats, ducks, pigs, llamas, horses and more while you’re here? From south to north, here are the most educational, fun, and adorable farm animal tours in Sonoma County. 

Sonoma County Farm Trails’ Spring & Fall Tours

Kissing a horse at Sonoma County Farm Trails' Fall Tour
Kissing a horse during a Sonoma County Farm Trails’ self-guided tour weekend

Each year, Sonoma County Farm Trails celebrates two weekends’ worth of self-guided tours of its member farms, ranches, and producers, designed to support local small-scale agriculture in Sonoma County. Like an agrarian Choose Your Own Adventure story, you can build your own itinerary from dozens of agricultural concerns for a sneak peek at life behind the farm gate.

The Spring tour weekend is titled “Blossom, Bees & Barnyard Babies.” When’s the last time you spent a whole weekend meeting and petting farm animals? Well, this is your moment. When not snuggled up with a barnyard friend, you can taste farm-fresh products like honey, juice, olive oil, and preserves; learn how to keep bees, grow and use lavender, and make jam and cheese; and shop at farm stands along your way. 

Llamas along the Sonoma County Farm Trails
Llamas along the Sonoma County Farm Trails

The Fall tour weekend is always popular. In addition to making friends with farm creatures, you can learn how to make delicious pantry staples; shop from farm stands; tour lavender fields, fruit orchards, pumpkin patches, and ranches; and in the spirit of the autumn season, pick your own pumpkins and apples. 

Registration for these farm tour weekends is free, but nonetheless required to receive the link to Farm Trails’ online tour directory, interactive map, and program. All ages are welcome.

Achadinha Cheese Company, Petaluma

Cows at Achadinha Cheese Company in Petaluma
Some of beautiful Jersey cows at Achadinha Cheese Company in Petaluma 

Achadinha (pronounced Osh-a-deen-ah) is a family farm and cheesemaking business run by Jim and Donna Pacheco and their children. On 230 sustainably managed acres in Petaluma, the Pachecos pasture Nubian goats and Jersey cows, using their milk to create farmstead cheeses and other products they sell in California farmers markets. 

Want to meet these hardworking cows and goats? Achadinha gives public tours of their farm on Saturdays; can arrange private tours for those who would prefer a smaller group; and even gives cheesemaking classes during the week. Reservations are a must for all classes and tours. 

Beltane Ranch, Glen Ellen

One of the resident burros at Beltane Ranch in Glen Ellen
One of the resident burros at Beltane Ranch in Glen Ellen

Set on 105 Sonoma Valley acres that include a winery and inn, this 1982 historic landmark is dedicated to regenerative agriculture. Group immersive experiences here include feeding the on-site burros, as well as meeting chickens, sheepdogs, and a flock of sheep who work as “wooly weeders,” keeping weeds in check by trampling and grazing them.

Additional activities can include touring the property by 4 x 4, exploring the kitchen garden with the ranch’s farmer and chef, and meals and wine tastings (of Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, Carignan, Petite Sirah, and more) enjoyed al fresco. For more info on Beltane Ranch’s farm tours, fill out a group request form or call 707-833-4233. 

Charlie’s Acres, Petaluma  

 Smiling goat at Charlie's Acres farm sanctuary in Petaluma
Blissful goat at Charlie’s Acres farm animal sanctuary in Petaluma

Started in 2016 and named for founder Tracy Vogt’s pet chihuahua, this farm animal sanctuary is home to critters like pigs, goats, cows, turkeys, chickens, and ducks, many rescued from farms where they were destined for a dinner plate, and now surrounded by peace, joy, and love.

A 501c3 non-profit, Charlie’s Acres depends largely on special events and tours to keep its (barn) doors open. Opportunities to boost your wellbeing while communing with animals include sessions of Goat Yoga and Sheep Meditation; community tours are given for pre-registered guests on select Saturdays and Sundays; and private, guided tours can be arranged for groups of 2-10 people. 

Goatlandia, Santa Rosa

Goats at Goatlandia, a farm animal sanctuary in Santa Rosa
Goats at Goatlandia, a farm animal sanctuary in Santa Rosa 

Another farm animal sanctuary, Goatlandia focuses on rescuing goats from commercial and dairy farms, as well as the fabric industry. Goatlandia offers private tours for donations of $50 (or more) per person, providing a chance to meet their resident goats — and maybe even brush them — as well as a few sheep, pigs, and various feathered friends. A plant-based lunch or dinner prepared by Goatlandia founder Deborah Blum, or wine and a cheese board, can be added to your tour. 

Wise Acre Farm, Windsor

Pasture rotation of chickens at Wise Acre Farm in Windsor
Pasture rotation of chickens at Wise Acre Farm in Windsor 

The entrance to this 15-acre egg farm features Sonoma County’s only egg-dispensing vending machine, as well as flocks of ducks and chickens, and friendly goats who will likely greet you at the gate. Providing reliable action for your viewing pleasure, the farm’s chickens are rotated around their pasture every few days to prevent overgrazing, allow repopulation of small creatures like insects and lizards (which chickens love to eat), and naturally nourish the soil. Wise Acre is open all day, every day, free to visitors.

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