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  • It’s a phenomenon that continues to grow: Barn venues are one of the hottest trends for nuptials in Wine Country — including Sonoma County — according to the national wedding activities association website theknot.com. And why not? What’s more romantic and back-to-the-roots than a rustic wood... Read More
  • A Wine Country wedding is often a princess bride’s dream, complete with a billowy white gown, mountains of flowers, a winery setting, and many, many admiring guests. Finding a wine estate that can accommodate large gatherings is the first step in making that dream a reality. Lucky you, fantasies... Read More
  • Sonoma County is California’s best honeymoon destination. That may seem like a grand proclamation, but we’re not just boasting. Here's why: Sonoma County is where you can find abundant sunshine, more than 425 wineries, romantic vineyards, breathtaking Pacific Ocean beaches, award-winning... Read More
  • What if you could enjoy an outdoor wedding in Sonoma County, surrounded by some of the region’s most beautiful forests, lakes, meadows and mountains? And what if the pleasure barely put a dent in your budget? The dream can be reality, if you book your special day with Sonoma County Regional Parks.... Read More
  • You’re making personal history on your Wine Country wedding day, so add  flair and flourish by choosing one of these historic Sonoma County landmarks for a truly memorable affair. The Valley Ford Hotel Owners Shona Campbell and Brandon Guenther have set up a delightful destination inside the... Read More
  • Carved out of the hillsides, Sonoma County’s wine caves offer a romantic, out-of-the-ordinary setting for your wedding, whether it’s for your welcome party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, or reception. Many wine caves feature glittering chandeliers or other distinctive lighting, elegant tables and... Read More
  • The wedding ceremony usually takes the spotlight, but as any betrothed couple knows, the rehearsal dinner is where it first begins to shine. That can mean two opportunities for splendor, actually, with Sonoma County restaurants ready to make that first-time official gathering of friends and family... Read More
  • Sonoma County, located only 30 miles from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, offers excellent service providers for all of your transportation needs. CHARLES M. SCHULZ SONOMA COUNTY AIRPORT Located in the heart of Wine Country in Santa Rosa, California, the Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County... Read More
  • The eve of your wedding marks the beginning of happily ever after.  The rehearsal dinner is the perfect opportunity for family and friends to enjoy gourmet, wine country cuisine.  Dine in an elegant hotel, a picturesque inn, al fresco in a vineyard, or at a riverfront pub, culinary... Read More
  • Since there are more than a million acres and more than half of those acres being gorgeous open space, wedding transportation in Sonoma County can vary greatly from venue to venue depending on your interests. The beauty of hosting your wedding in Sonoma Wine Country is that you can find yourself in... Read More