Meet the Sonoma County Tourism Staff

Meet our staff in administration & operations, accounting & finance, marketing & communications, meetings sales and global tourism departments.

Sonoma County Tourism
400 Aviation Boulevard, Suite 500
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Main: 800-576-6662 / 707-522-5800
Fax: 707-539-7252

General E-mail: [email protected]
Marketing E-mail: [email protected]
Advertising E-mail: [email protected]
Public/Media Relations E-mail: [email protected]
Group Business Development E-mail: [email protected]
Global Tourism Development E-mail: [email protected]

Claudia Vecchio

President and CEO







Lori Angstadt

Vice President, Finance & Operations

Lori Angstadt photo






Paula Johnson, CMP, CTA

Director of Operations

Tracy Koch

Administrative Coordinator

Todd O'Leary

Vice President, Marketing & Communications







Benjamin Boone

Marketing Coordinator

SCT staff Benjamin Boone







Ariane Hiltebrand, CTA

Director of Marketing Systems & Insights







Sierra Downey, CTA

Content Marketing Specialist







Tina Luster, CTA

Domestic Media Relations Manager







Devin McConnell, CTA

Community Engagement Specialist

Devin McConnell

Birgitt Vaughan, CTA

Director of Global Media Relations

Birgitt Vaughan

Katja West

Marketing Data & Systems Specialist

SCT staff Katja West







Jennifer Richards

Vice President, Group Business Development







Erika Costa, CTA

Group Business Development Manager







Nancy Garvey, CGMP, CTA

Group Business Development Manager







Laura Broderick, CTA

Group Business Development Specialist

SCT Staff Laura Broderick






Deleyse Langdale, CTA

Vice President, Global Tourism Development







Jaimie du Bois

Tourism Development Manager







Susan Takano, CTA

Tourism Development Manager