Climate in Sonoma County

Sonoma County’s natural beauty and moderate temperatures seldom dip below freezing, even in the winter. The area’s 25- to 30-inch annual rainfall happens primarily from November through April.

January – Average high /low
Inland: 58 F (14 C) / 36 F (2 C)
Coast: 56 F (13 C) / 35 F (2 C)

July – Average high /low
Inland: 90 F (32 C) / 52 F (12 C)
Coast: 80 F (26 C) / 48 (8 C)

Coastal Weather

Temperate year-round, the weather on the Sonoma Coast follows a pattern of maritime fog in the morning which gives way to California sunshine around noon. When inland valleys heat up, the coast remains cool. The weather can be changeable; layered clothing is recommended.

What to Wear

Check the local weather before you depart. Temperatures can vary from the coast to inland each day. Wine country casual is fine for evenings out, while jeans, khakis or shorts, T-shirts, comfortable walking shoes, a sweater, and a medium-weight jacket should suffice for sightseeing. Think layers. A chilly, foggy summer morning may heat up to the 80s or 90s by 2 p.m. Temperatures start to drop after the sun goes down. In winter heavy coats aren’t necessary, but you’ll want a medium-weight water-resistant jacket.