Congratulations on your engagement – what an exciting time in your lives!

Sonoma County is the perfect backdrop for your perfect day, with vineyard views, rolling hills, towering redwoods, and the stunning Pacific Coast all paired to acclaimed food and wine, relaxing spas, and unique adventure.

Curating the day that you have dreamt of will be a breeze, with an array of beautiful places and an abundance of artisans and makers ready to serve! Bring your vision of a luxurious soiree to life in a laidback setting. Celebrate in a charming location that brings a rustic, romantic feel. Lean into the wonder of wine country with a chic vineyard ceremony. Enjoy a timeless and elegant celebration surrounded by natural beauty. Tie the knot in an inspired and modern setting. In Sonoma County, the day you have been dreaming of will be a wine country experience like no other.

Sonoma County is the ideal setting for you to sip, savor and say “I Do”.

Cheers to the beginning of your happily ever after!

Sonoma County Wedding Experiences

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Sonoma County Wedding Inspriation


The beauty of hosting your wedding in Sonoma Wine Country is that you can find yourself in a somewhat remote location, and getting around often is a scenic part of the plans. With over a…


You’re making personal history on your Wine Country wedding day, so add  flair and flourish by choosing one of these historic Sonoma County landmarks for a truly memorable affair. The Valley Ford Hotel Owners Shona…

Gloria Ferrer Sonoma County Wine Cave

Carved out of the hillsides, Sonoma County’s wine caves offer a romantic, out-of-the-ordinary setting for your wedding, whether it’s for your welcome party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, or reception. Many wine caves feature glittering chandeliers or…


A Wine Country wedding is often a princess bride’s dream, complete with a billowy white gown, mountains of flowers, a winery setting, and many, many admiring guests. Finding a wine estate that can accommodate large…


The wedding ceremony usually takes the spotlight, but as any engaged couple knows, the rehearsal dinner is where it first begins to shine. Sonoma County restaurants are ready to make that first official gathering of…


Sonoma County is California’s best honeymoon destination. That may seem like a grand proclamation, but we’re not just boasting. Here’s why: Sonoma County is where you can find abundant sunshine, more than 425 wineries, romantic vineyards,…


A Wine Country wedding proposal may seems like the stuff of movies, yet in Sonoma County, it’s real, thanks to our splendors that include magnificent forests, oceans, and vineyards. Those are the obvious choices for…

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