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Explore Sonoma County’s history, with a trip to the town of Sonoma. Sonoma is home to the last Spanish-Mexican mission built in California, the location of California’s oldest winery: Buena Vista Winery, and the state’s oldest, continually operating family winery: Gundlach-Bundschu. Sonoma State Historic Park preserves the Sonoma Mission and the Sonoma Barracks, as well as the nearby historic home of General Vallejo. Sonoma is also famous for the Bear Flag Revolt, where Californians declared their independence from Mexico.

Today, history walks in tandem with current times. Modern winemaking techniques are tucked away in buildings that were state of the art nearly a century ago. Shops, tasting rooms, restaurants, bakeries, and a historic theater line the streets around the Sonoma Plaza – an eight-acre town square, the largest in California. Venture beyond downtown to explore brew pubs, more shopping, art galleries, and more. More info on Wineries & Wine.

Sonoma Town Hall is situated in the center of the Sonoma Plaza.

Sonoma Mission San Francisco Solano is situated on the Sonoma Plaza.

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One of America's finest cheeses is made in Sonoma.

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Say "Sonoma Cheese"...

Secrets of Sonoma Valley - watch video

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