fountain with flower pot in front of Jacuzzi winery in Sonoma County

Luxury Travel and Experiences in Sonoma County

Indulge in a luxury vacation in Sonoma County. Just north of San Francisco, more than 425 wineries and 40 spas, as well as rivers and redwood groves, are waiting to welcome you.

Relax at a luxury resort or vacation villa overlooking luscious vineyards or the breathtaking Pacific Coast.

Take exclusive behind-the-scenes tours and tastings in boutique, family-run and nationally acclaimed wineries. Drop in to Sonoma’s award-winning restaurants serving amazing farm-to-table cuisine. 

We’ve curated a list of the top luxury lifestyle spots, wineries, hotels and must-sees in Sonoma County. If you’re ready to start planning your trip, check out our Luxury Guide.

Luxury Guide