Well Beyond a Vacation

Travel without intention is just a trip. Whether your goal is to eat clean, commune with nature, or simply reconnect with yourself, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of traveling with intention. Led by wellness experts, these carefully curated itineraries are designed to help you transform wellbeing into actually being well.

Joe Robinson

Expert Tip: Begin with the end in mind. How do you want to feel when you return from your travel? If the goal is healing or recuperation, focus on that and don’t worry if you’ve not seen every sight there is to see. If your goal is to have fun, don’t feel guilty about not being productive, because you are owning the goal of fun, which is valid in and of itself.

- Joe Robinson, Work-Life Balance and Stress Management Leader

Renew & Relax

Two women smiling and laughing

If you want to return from your travels feeling like you actually unplugged while still seeing the sights, then this two-day experience is for you. Immerse yourself in nature, savor the local flavors, and slow down enough to appreciate every moment.

Led by Travel and Wellness Blogger, Francisca Oredeko; and Digital Creator and Founder of Balanced Black Girl Podcast, Les Alfred.

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Spark Creativity

Two women walking in a vineyard

If you’re looking for a totally new experience to inspire you, look no further than the adventures that lie ahead on this two-day itinerary. Discover ancient wellness practices, take in the art and offerings of local makers, and embrace the energy of being alive.

Led by Digital Creator, Lauren Monitz; and Food, Wellness and Travel Blogger, Ginger Harper.

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Love & Laughter

Two guys posing infront of gnome

This is the ideal trip for a friends’ getaway or couples’ escape. Make your cheeks hurt from laughing and thrills as you experience sweeping views, leisure-filled afternoons, and maybe even try something new.

Led by Brian and Johnathan of The Gay Beards

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Experience Gratitude

Guy walking in front of store

In Sonoma County, there is beauty and magic in every detail, and this trip gives you time to appreciate each one. Fill your spirit with limitless gratitude on this two-day trip with moments of mindfulness built right in.

Led by Mikah Meyer, Travel Expert, Speaker, and Advocate

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Meet the Experts

Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson

Joe is a work-life balance and stress management leader, speaker, trainer, and author. He is one of the country’s most quoted experts on work-life and stress in the workplace, appearing on Today, CNN, and in the Wall Street Journal, to name a few. In his new book, Work Smarter, Live Better, Joe shows through science how we can switch off stress at the end of the workday by detaching ourselves from work thoughts and emotions. For more information, please visit www.worktolive.info/work-life-balance

Wendy Figone

Wendy Figone

Wendy has traveled around the country gaining expert level certification from John Barnes, the leading authority in myofascial release. Wendy is also a Yoga Therapist, Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Compassion Ambassador (ACT) through Stanford University. Wendy believes how we manage and view stress in our lives strongly impacts how we feel in our body. For more information, please visit www.somaticecotherapy.com

Cecilia Shanahan

Cecilia Shanahan

Cecilia is a dedicated teacher and the founder of Mindful Learning Lab. She offers mindfulness coaching and classes and is passionate about empowering others to lead more present lives. Cecilia has a wealth of experience in contemplative practices and is recognized as a Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher, Certified 500-Hour Yoga Teacher, and Urban Zen Integrative Therapist. You can learn more at www.mindfullearninglab.com.

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