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  • When there’s a chill in the air there’s a warm welcome at Sonoma County wine tasting rooms. The hospitality of Wine Country is a great pairing with the holiday season: A place to visit where you’re welcome to linger awhile, join in on free-flowing conversation, all while sipping wine. Gifts abound... Read More
  • For a limited time, meet in Sonoma and give back. The Sonoma County Incentive Program offers meeting planners a cash incentive to book business in Sonoma County.   Our Sonoma County Tourism Team brings a wealth of local knowledge and extensive professional experience. We are here to help! Read More
  • Sonoma County welcomes meetings, retreats and groups. This season is a special one for Sonoma County. With the recent fires in Northern California, we personally witnessed the resilience of our community, the kindness of volunteers, donations from individuals throughout the U.S., and the strength... Read More
  • Time to shop at Sonoma County’s many wonderful holiday craft fairs. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, Sonoma’s artisans sell precious handmade presents, from fluffy soft and beautiful sweaters, to homemade confections, to lovely knickknacks, and lots of wine souvenirs. Handmade Crafts... Read More
  • Blink, and before we know it, the holidays are here again. With that comes the joy of giving and receiving gifts, but first — the fun of shopping for them. Shopping is particularly joyous in Sonoma County, because rather than giant copycat malls, most of our destinations are quaint town... Read More
  • Snoopy first appeared on October 4, 1950. But the precocious pup – who turned 65 years old in 2015 – doesn’t ever seem to age a day. And with his new “Peanuts” movie released in 2015, Snoopy is back in the spotlight, dancing, frolicking, and causing his signature loveable mayhem with the Peanuts... Read More
  • One of the earliest grapes to bud out in the spring, Pinot Noir was nevertheless a late bloomer in Sonoma County wine country. For over a century since California’s commercial wine industry was founded here in the 1850s, the noble grape of Burgundy played a minor role. Tantalizing and legendary... Read More
  • Because Sonoma County is known for bucolic beauty and outdoor pursuits, visitors are sometimes surprised to learn about River Rock Casino (3250 Highway 128, Geyserville, 707-857-2777). Located in Geyserville, River Rock opened for business in 2002 with two temporary buildings and about 60 slot... Read More
  • You know that feeling winter brings along with it? The dimming light, the disappearance of greenery, the sudden desire to stay in bed until March or book the next flight to Any Place Tropical? We don’t really have that in Sonoma County. Instead, the time of year that sends people from other places... Read More
  • Wine grapes may not grow on the rock cliffs that line the Pacific Coast of Bodega Bay, a charming Sonoma County fishing village, and seagulls are more common than vineyard hawks, but that doesn’t mean a wine lover risks going thirsty.  Bodega Bay restaurants feature primarily local wines, plus... Read More