A bunch of Zinfandel grapes hang on the vine at ZO Wines in Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County
Zinfandel grapes at ZO Wines in Dry Creek Valley

Where to Taste Zinfandel in Sonoma County

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Blessed are the wine tasters who just want to head directly to the best Sonoma County wineries for Zinfandel, for they are in the right place.

Zinfandel has been called "America's heritage grape," and Sonoma County is where it all began — sort of. The story of Zin in America is a long and tangled one, but suffice it to say that many of Zinfandel's top producers and historic vineyards can be found in Sonoma County. Find them in these key regions:

Zinfandel Roots: Sonoma Valley

Zinfandel was one of the first higher-quality grapes to supplant the old Spanish Mission grape in California, and it was praised as making a fine 'claret' in the mid-nineteenth century. 

Buena Vista Winery

Image of barrels in the Buena Vista wine cave.
Buena Vista Winery; Photo: Scott Chebegia

Founder Agoston Haraszthy was once called the father of Zinfandel — more on account of his son's lobbying efforts than fact. Nevertheless, this historic Sonoma winery is a fine place to start. It offers several locally sourced Zinfandels, and the current winemaker has a deft hand with the varietal. 

Valley of the Moon Winery

It's tasting room is now on the Sonoma Plaza, but this winery's property in Glen Ellen is close to historic Zin vineyards like Bedrock, and surrounded by old vines that contribute to an old-vine estate Zinfandel.

St. Francis Winery and Vineyards

Exterior of St. Francis Winery has flags flying in the breeza
St. Francis Winery & Vineyards

Further up valley, Kenwood's St. Francis always offers a few Zinfandels, and is a stalwart in the category-besides offering a very fancy wine and food pairing experience.

Kunde Family Winery

The entrance to Kunde Family Winery in Kenwood, Sonoma County
Kunde Family Winery

Also in Kenwood, the 1,850-acre property at Kunde Family Winery includes several notable historic Zinfandel vineyards. Its Reserve Century Vines Zinfandel is crafted from head trained vines from a vineyard planted in 1882.

Zinfandel: The Original Russian River Valley Wine

Vineyard-planting booms of the 1880s and early twentieth century ended with Zinfandel covering many acres in the middle of Sonoma County, where Pinot Noir would later become popular. The surviving old vines, as well as a few newer plantings, demonstrate that the enthusiasm was warranted. 

DeLoach Vineyards 

People sit on a comfy sofa in the interior of a tasting room with high ceilings
DeLoach Vineyards

Apropos, DeLoach offers a "Forgotten Vines" Zinfandel made from old-vine Sonoma County grapes. This Burgundian-oriented Russian River Valley winery, located on a sort of benchland area above the Laguna de Santa Rosa, retains a commendable commitment to the old vines of this rare 'sweet spot' for Zin.

Harvest Moon Estate & Winery

Exterior of Harvest Moon Winery is surrounded by vines in the fall
Harvest Moon Estate & Winery

There are those who complain that Zinfandel is too "jammy," too high in alcohol and too brash send them to this little family-owned winery, just down Olivet Road from DeLoach. Here the emphasis is on Zin's subtle, floral, sweetly fruity expressions without the extra heat, alcohol, or residual sugar. That being said, iconoclastic winemaker Randy Pitts says a new "monster Zin" version is on the way.

Russian River Area 

Joseph Swan Vineyards

Better known for their Pinot Noir, Swan has stuck with their original wine, Zinfandel, first released with the 1968 vintage. This is another "pilgrimage" spot for Zin fans: former Ravenswood winemaker Joel Peterson got his start here.

Hartford Family Winery

This gracious Jackson family-owned estate on Martinelli Road, which makes Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, may seem off the beaten path of Zin, but is worth a look for serious Zin fans. They make old-vine Zinfandels that score highly with the critics, from vineyards in the aforementioned "sweet spot" for Zin.

Martinelli Winery & Vineyards

Vineyards of Martinelli Winery are orange and yellow in the fall
Martinelli Winery & Vineyards

Intensity is the word at this well-known, family-owned winery, from the folks that supply a lot of top Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to other wineries, as well. Their Jackass Hill Zinfandel is legendary, and estate "Vigneto di Evo" is an unapologetic fruit bomb.

Zinfandel Zentral: Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley

Many visitors associate Dry Creek Valley with Zinfandel. Yet at one time, the grape competed with prunes for a grower's bottom line. Today, there are new vineyards planted in the old fashioned way in Dry Creek Valley and to the north, in warm Alexander Valley. 

Seghesio Family Vineyards

People enjoy wine in the garden outside of the winery
Seghesio Family Vineyards

Located on a leafy street in the city of Healdsburg, Seghesio is known by diners around Sonoma County as a reliable producer of well-rounded, food-friendly Zinfandel. They've also got a Monte Rosso Zin-from Sonoma Valley.

Alexander Valley Vineyards

Known for their trio of "Temptation," "Sin Zin," and "Redemption" wines, the family-owned AVV also offers a sweet, late-harvest Zin called "Salvation."

Also try these Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley wineries for classic examples of the area's Zinfandel:

Armida Winery
A. Rafanelli
Dry Creek Vineyard
Dutcher Crossing Winery
Fritz Underground Winery
Lambert Bridge
Mauritson Wines
Nalle Winery
Simi Winery
Truett Hurst Winery
Wilson Winery  
ZO Wines

Written by Sonoma Insider James Knight.