Hosted by Crista Luedtke, Chef and Owner of boon eat + drink

Sonoma County is known for its rolling vineyards and exceptional wineries. But there’s so much more to this thriving community. There’s a vibrant art scene studded with exceptional talent; artists who choose to do their work here for a reason. There’s restaurant after restaurant that brings new meaning to the phrase “farm to fork,” and beckons to chefs from faraway places. And there’s a bounty of nature’s gifts just waiting to be experienced by those who know where to look. Once you experience Sonoma County for yourself, you get it immediately—this is a place worth protecting. But to truly immerse oneself in the unique individuals, talents and stories that make up our community, a little more time is needed. In this spirit, our host Crista Luedtke met with some of Sonoma County’s best for a drink and an unrushed conversation about why they call this uniquely creative place home.


As the chef and owner of boon eat + drink and BROT, as well as the proprietor of boon hotel and spa, Crista is immersed in and integral to what makes Sonoma County such a creative, flavorful place to live. As seen on TV shows such as Guy’s Grocery Games, Beat Bobby Flay, and Guy’s Ranch Kitchen, Crista’s serious cooking chops and spectacular palate have earned her a seat among the culinary industry’s most respected chefs. Her passion for travel, penchant for new flavors, and easygoing nature are only some of the qualities that make her the perfect host for Beyond the Wineglass.

Christa Luedtke host of Beyond the Wine Glass

Guest: Adrian Chang

Adrian’s story about moving back to northern CA after living in Tokyo in order to focus on his craft speaks volumes about the space that Sonoma County holds for beauty, creativity, and fresh, delicious food from across countless cultures.

Co-owners of the renowned Mori House, Adrian Chang and his husband relocated to Sonoma County after meeting in Tokyo because they wanted to refocus on their respective crafts. For Adrian, that meant telling the story of his culture through traditional Asian cooking, made with incredibly fresh ingredients. We sat down with him to hear about how food is a celebration of his heritage, his time studying in Tokyo, and how ultimately Sonoma County called him back home from halfway across the world.

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Guest: Jessica Martin

Jessica’s interview demonstrates the creative energy that flows through Sonoma County—from our galleries to our classrooms. Jessica’s pursuit and protection of art in Sonoma County over the decades have made it a more beautiful place to live and visit.

Jessica Martin is one of Sonoma County’s best-known resident artists and curators. She also happens to be the lead art teacher and arts program director for West Side Elementary, where her recent project Peptoc made national headlines. We sat down with Jessica to discuss what keeps her inspired, what’s special about the art and artists here, and why she still chooses to call Sonoma County home.

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Guest: Tucker Taylor

Tucker’s choice to live in Sonoma County goes beyond the 12-month growing season that a culinary gardener can really sink their teeth into. The bounty that the climate brings allows him to partner with the creative chefs who live here and feed the community that supports this regenerative way of farming and eating.

Known for his uncanny knowledge of rare vegetables, Tucker Taylor lives and works in Sonoma County where he is the Culinary Garden Director at Jackson Family Wines. Tucker’s worked with some of the most talented chefs and renowned restaurants, including The French Laundry, in his long career of farming fresh produce for the industry. We had a few sips with Tucker while hearing him talk about his favorite produce (it’s one we never would have guessed), why horticulture is the perfect combination of art and science, and why Sonoma County is the perfect place to practice and perfect it.

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